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We take a moment to look back at times well lived and looking forward to more as friends.
A Banquet in Honor of the Writer's Cramp

The Writers' Cramp here at Writing.Com is the best cure to the debilitating condition known as Writers' Block. Unfortunately, the Writers' Block gets capitalized as a proper noun. Here on a site populated by writers, this affliction is up there with the horrors of lost drafts, sudden internet shut-downs, or running out of portfolio space.

After 20 years of daily prompts, daily winners, and daily meetings online, it is time to have a banquet in honor of writing no matter what.

This banquet, held online to for a solid 24-hours and broadcast on a dedicated channel that can fit thousands, requires each participant to show their face on camera. It's bring your own dinner, but do make an effort to serve it on real china plates with silver and cloth napkins. Have flowers and soft music playing in the background. Soft music.

The banquet will start right after midnight WdC time with an announcement by the StoryMaster and StoryMistress where they will show off the physical version of the ribbon created just for this celebration. Next up, is a Senior Moderator showing the special Writers' Cramp 20th anniversary merit badge.

Anyone who is or was a judge comes next and gives a toast to the Writers' Cramp and explains their favorite prompt that they imaged, their favorite prompt from a fellow judge, and the most outrageous or memorable response to any prompt they ever saw.

Time to mingle!

Members from all over start waving to each other. Writers' Cramp participants listen to and take turns telling their most treasured Writers' Cramp memories.

As it gets late on the US East Coast and the StoryCouple takes a break. The US West Coast welcomes the Pacific Islands and East Asia. California and India meet online. As the US West Coast runs out of steam, India helps Africa and Europe to wake up. The party travels over Iceland, Greenland, and finally comes full circle on the US East Coast. The StoryCouple hold up their WdC mugs to the revelers.

It was a great party.

So many friends. So many faces. So much more writing to do.

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The Writer's Cramp is 20!!
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