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by ally
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That moment you get caught up in.
It’s loud, but not in an harsh head pounding way. In the way you can’t even hear your own thoughts or other peoples words. its the loudest quiet you’ve ever experienced. Even though the beat is vibrating your body and the lyrics are as if being sung right into your ear you’re so content. You simultaneously escaped your thoughts and the commentary of others. You know the song, except you don’t but you can predict the next lyrics and it’s familiar. You know it the same way you know a stranger you see around that you can recall their presence but don’t know their name.

You feel the concrete floor underneath your feet. You see the metal bars touch the ceiling and connect to the floor of whoever’s basement this is. The party’s over, but you keep dancing. Only a few people are remaining the rest have gone. You like to watch them imagine what goes on in their head, what they dream of, who they are. You are glad to forget for a minute as you sway and move to the music your eyes are closed but you can still feel the green colored light on your skin. When you open your eyes you're met with someone else’s. The light reflects on them making it so you can’t see the fine details of their face. You see an outline and faded features. You can barely make out the small details but its enough for your mind to fill in the rest. You both just watch each other no one says a word. It wouldn’t matter if they had the music would have drowned it out.

You were both captivated by each others gaze and by the moment. You like the way they’re looking at you. The observer had been seen. If the lights and music weren’t there and it weren’t so late, you wouldn’t want to be looked at. You’d rather disappear. In this scenario you have, you’re gone someone else you don’t quite know moves your body to the music and controls what you feel. You wish you could feel this way for the rest of your life. Like you’re someone and no one at the same time. Another face in the crowd hidden by the bright colored lights. While being watched like you’re in a movie scene by someone you don’t know. It’s one fo those moments you are already mourning while you experience it. Because you know it will never be recreated nor will anything else amount to this feeling. The music stops, your face sinks, you veer away from your watchers gaze.You’re back to the person you are outside of these moments. All at once it ends like the credits of a moving rolling before it even began.
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