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And other shenanigans. Joint Winner - Cramp
🌕 HuntersMoon , on his way up the stairs, was almost run over by Sophy , on her way down.

"WHOA!" he exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, Ken, I'm sorry," Sophy gasped. "It's just that I can't find Robert Waltz anywhere and he's needed to give the next prompt!"

They were at the Hotel WDC, all its rooms booked for members attending the Cramp-20-convention. Everywhere you looked, you saw suitcases of various colours - mainly grey, black, yellow, blue, purple and red. Ken looked among them. No Robert. There were many familiar faces and cases, though, so he called out -

"Hey, Lilli ☕️🧿 Busy w/Quills , hey Innerlight on and off again - seen Robert anywhere?"

"We just left the coffee stall, he isn't there," they replied. "Have you tried the bar? He'll be in the bar, won't he?" And Lilli ☕️🧿 Busy w/Quills added - "The coffee and chocolate cake are great, though. Try them."

"The pub is the first place I looked," Sophy sighed. "He isn't there. Hasn't been seen there since yesterday."

Vaishali came up. "You looking for someone?" she asked.

"Robert," Sophy replied.

"He may be in the pool. I'll go check."

But he wasn't there. Nobody had seen him since yesterday. Nobody knew where he was. This was getting serious. Should they inform SM and SMs?

Sophy was about to send SM a text message when her phone beeped. Incoming text - from - ROBERT!

"HA HA Got you! Your next prompt is - WHERE IS ROBERT? and you have to write in the MYSTERY genre."

Sophy felt a bit weak at the knees with relief. She went to the business center at the hotel, printed out the new prompt and put it on the notice board.

I came in to find the great Robert hunt on, and after dumping my suitcase in my room (with Elle (she/her) and Maryann as my room-mates) I joined in.

"Going on a Robert Hunt," we chanted, as we stepped in time. "Going on a Robert Hunt, we're not afraid, we're not afraid. Is he in the pub? Is he in the pool? Is he in the sauna? We're on a Robert Hunt ..."

But we couldn't find Robert, and finally, ♥HOOves♥ declared that we were to write as creatively as possible about where he could've got to. A lot of creative responses, there were, too. Some had him going to the Louvre in Paris, to date Mona Lisa. Some had him off to Mars on a Red Planet Expedition. Schnujo loved the entries so much, she gave everyone who entered a prize. But though everyone was a winner, nobody had Robert where he really was the whole time.

In his room in the hotel.

"I was catching up on some sleep," he said, nonchalantly. "I thought nobody would look for me in the most sensible place - my room."

Fortunately for Robert, everyone was in too good a mood to land him in hospital, and the convention went on. Games were played, races were run, songs were made up on the spot and sung lustily. SM and SMs did a re-enactment of his proposal to her at a convention long ago. This got the biggest cheers of all.

Then, prizes were given out for various contests. Winners, Runners Up and Hon mentions were applauded. Those who had won Quill awards were given their physical merit badges and awardicons, and pinned them on proudly.

And there was coffee.

And there were snacks.

And there was dinner.

And there was dessert.

And there was some stronger stuff for Robert and his gang. And everyone celebrated and sang all trough the night, and a good time was had by one and all. *Partyhato*
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