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Dagur and his father are invited to Berk to see their new Heir. Dagur. Is. Excited!
Dagur turned three in the fall, on the twenty-ninth of October. A few months later, his father received a letter. Stoick the Vast, Chief of Berk, had a son and Heir: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, the Third. All allied chiefs, and some important others, had been invited to visit and pay their respects to the new cheifling. Dagur's own father had sent out a similar letter a little over three years ago, and again, just under two years ago.

Dagur and Heather were playing with sticks when Oswald walked up to them. "Dad! Wanna fight some dragons with us?" Dagur exclaimed as he saw his father.

Oswald smiled at him, "Not just now, son. I have a letter here, asking me to go to Berk. Do you want to come with me?"

Dagur stared at him for a moment, confusion on his face. "Berk? Where's that? Why do you have to go? Why do you want me to go? Is Heather coming?"

"No, Heather is not coming," Oswald began, "She's too young, and not my Heir. You are. Berk is an Island not quite two weeks from here, and our allies, the Hairy Hooligans, live there. Stoick the Vast, Chief of their Tribe, has a son; and all the other Chiefs and their Heirs have been invited to celebrate. I have to go to congratulate my friend, and you should go to meet his new son, Hiccup"

"Wait," Almost-three-and-a-half-year-old-Dagur said, realization dawning on his face: "If you're the Chief of the Berserkers, and Sow-ick is the Chief of the Hairy Guys, and I'm you're son and Heir... does that mean Hiccup and I are Brothers?!"

Oswald smiled again and laughed a bit. "I guess so, lad. It kind of does, doesn't it. So? Do you want to come and meet your new 'brother' with me?"

"Of course!" Dagur shouts, beaming with joy. "When do we leave? What do I need to bring?" *gasp* "Can I play Vikings and Dragons with him?"

Oswald cuts in before his excitable son can start asking what weapons his 'brother' favors: "We are leaving tomorrow morning, and your mother and I will pack everything you need. I don't think he can play Vikings and Dragons yet, but you can tell him all about it."

Dagur is conflicted, but appears to be mostly overjoyed. "Tomorrow? Yay! But why can't he play? I wanna play with him, Dad: he's my Brother! Also, why can't we leave today!"

Oswald, now slightly concerned at how fervently his son has taken to his 'brother,' tries to calm him down "We need to leave in the morning to get the wind behind us, and so that I have time to prepare. You may be able to leave at a moment's notice, but I am the Chief, and there are duties I have to our family and our tribe that I must take care of before we leave."

"Oh," Dagur replies, quieter. He has always respected duty, to the family and the tribe. "Can I help?"


"Daddy, Daddy, it's time to go!" Dagur squeals, trying to wake his father up. False dawn has crept over the horizon, and Dagur can't wait to meet his brother. It's getting lighter. That means it's morning, right? Close enough.

*Hrng,* His father groans, wishing he was a deeper sleeper. Then wishing his son was a deeper sleeper. "Alright, son," Oswald mumbles sleepily. "Go get dressed, and I'll see about breakfast."


It had been a long two weeks since they left their home on Berskeyja. The winds had been with them the whole way, thankfully, but Dagur was a rather impatient lad. He had a lot of energy, and most of it seemed directed towards terrorizing the crew and terrifying his father. From trying to 'help,' and untying all the sails, to jumping overboard to try and swim faster than the ship, Dagur had left no one a moment's peace.

But at last, today was the day: they had seen the Sentinel statues yesterday evening, and would likely arrive at the docks shortly after noon today. Dagur was so excited to finally be able to see the island, he wasn't even making a nuisance of himself. Except for his hourly attempts to outswim the boat, but the crew didn't mind that so much anymore. He was predictable, didn't fight *much,* and they were all excited too.

Chief Stoick the Vast himself greeted them at the docks: loud and, well, Vast! (Chapter Break?)

"Greetings to Berk, travelers. I, Chief Stoick the Vast, offer you hospitality, and welcome you to my Hall!"

"Greetings mighty Chief! I, Chief Oswald the Agreeable of the Berserkers, accept your offer and your invitation. This is my Heir, Dagur."


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