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The Writer's Cramp 1/27/22 W/C 246

For short stories: Why - do you think - during all these years, the judging time is set at Noon WDC time? And what might we change to make the Writer's Cramp better?
Maximum for short stories: 1000 words.

Regarding 'The Writer's Cramp"

I cannot think of anything to make this contest better. The judging time is Noon. So in my world that time is 10 AM. So I have to make sure my story is ready to go the night before.

So, what was the deadline years ago? Has it always been Noon? If not, why was it changed?

Back in 2002 when the genius started the contest, perhaps these were some of the thoughts:

1. Inspire writers to greatness; a word count and time limit might inspire.
2. Noon seems like a good deadline. It’s easy to remember.
3. Make rules easy to understand.
4. Reward those who win,
5. Give advice to those who lose.

I don’t have a lot to change with this contest. I appreciate the timeliness of the judging, I usually like the prompts, but then, it is hard to please everyone.

So if I would change anything, perhaps it would be the prize. Could it be larger? I know it’s a pretty large one now.

While I am not part of the judging process, and I know all the judges have differing opinions, perhaps when announcing the winner for the day, why not give a one sentence reason for the win.

Like the old saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Don’t change just for change’s sake.

Whatever is decided, please don’t go away like some contests I’ve entered and liked and then never saw again, or heard from again about my entry.

WDC needs you!

W/C 246
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