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Rated: GC · Novel · Comedy · #2266172
Watch as Jessica swells and expands uncontrollably!!!
Jessica was walking through this abandoned warehouse she found. There was a tank that looked like a 5 gallon water jug. Being very thirsty from walking around for 5 hours, she picked it up and guzzled it. When she got finished, her skin began to turn a dark, dark violet, and her belly started to bulge outwards, as did her butt and breasts. Her dress began to rip at the side seams, due to her expanding butt, belly, and thighs.

"W-What's happening to me?!?!" she yelled, as she realized what was happening to her. Her arms and legs became more difficult to move, and she became stuck T-posing, giving her a starfish shape. She continued to swell, her human-like features slowly rounding out, turning her into a perfect sphere(almost). Her butt and boobs were swelling along with her belly, and eventually, her dress ripped completely, leaving only her panties. She continued to expand and swell until her panties ripped.

"Uurgh... I-I'm getting s-so big--" she grunted as her hands and feet began to sink into her growing body. Soon, blueberry juice began to pour out of her breasts, and she was getting so big that she was knocking shelves over. CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! The shelves went, giving off a perfect butterfly effect. Jessica continued to swell-- her stomach growling loudly and gurgling. There was also some churning and sloshing every now and then. Her head began to sink into her bulging belly until you could only see her eyes--

"MMMF!!!" she screamed, muffled.
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