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by Chubbs
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Parents fatten a girl up
Wendy was sitting in her living room one night eating some chips when her parents came in. ~1~

"Wendy, we think you have gone too far." Her dad pointed out ~2~

"With what?" Wendy asked ~3~

"Dear, it's time to go on a diet. Your dad and I are worried about your weight." Her mom stated ~4~

Wendy's Dad took the bag of chips away from Wendy. ~5~

"What? 260 pounds isn't fat." Wendy cried ~6~

"Dear, that is pretty big. Even for an adult!" Her mom pointed out ~7~

Wendy poked her stomach. Then she leaped for the chips. She missed and slammed into the floor. ~8~

"That's it! Go to your room!" Her dad said sternly ~9~

Wendy went to her room, her belly jiggling up and down. ~10~

"Hmph! They suck. Having the nerve to call me fat!" ~11~

She turned out the light and got into bed. ~12~

"I wish every meal was junk food." She mumbled ~13~

She soon fell asleep. The next morning..."Honey it's time to wake up!" ~14~

"Go away, I don't want to see you." Wendy replied. She was still very upset from last night when her parents told her about her new diet. ~15~

"But dear it's time for breakfast." ~16~

"I don't want to eat your low-fat cardboard of a breakfast." Wendy was actually starving, but was craving something more sweet than she knew what was waiting for her. ~17~

Wendy's mom giggled "Honey there is nothing low-fat in pancakes. I used real butter and pure maple syrup." ~18~

"What!" Wendy popped her head out from under her covers. She looked at her mom holding a big plate of pancakes that looked absolutely to die for. She sat up faster than a bullet and motioned for her mom to put them in her lap. Her mother brought them over with a smile on her face. "What about my weight? I thought I was on a diet." ~19~

"We were out of line last night sweetie, if you want junk food for every meal who are we to stop you." ~20~
"are you serious?" Wendy asked in complete surprise ~21~
"yep, you can have junk all day ever day and if you get fat then we'll supply you with new clothes to fit as well. We decided that your happiness is all that matters and if you're happy being obese and living off of junk food then we are happy too" she smiled as Wendy looked at her mum in surprise, clearly something strange had happened to change her parents attitudes so suddenly, but then again she didn't want to complain, now she could live out her dream of gorging herself constantly on delicious fatty foods. ~22~
"thanks mum, that's so kind of you" Wendy smiled and gave her mum a kiss on the cheek and then taking the pancakes ~23~
"it's my pleasure" she smiled happily "now you stay here and eat your pancakes, we have more food for you downstairs. Then you can choose if you would rather stay at home and eat all day, or go to school" ~24~
"wait, i don't have to go to school now if i don't want to?!" Wendy said shocked ~25~
"not unless you want to, we just want you to be happy my dear" her mother smiled and then left her room to get her what would no doubt be even more high calorie, delicious tasting breakfast treats. ~26~
"I could get used to this kind of treatment" Wendy said happily and laid back in bed as she began to dig into the huge plate full of pancakes, covered in melted butter and rich maple syrup. As she finished the pancakes, Wendy's mom came back into the room with another plate, this one loaded with cinnamon toast; her mouth watered at the sight of it, and she quickly swapped plates. ~27~

“I thought you could do with some more food before breakfast, you have been starving yourself lately.” ~28~

Any thought of a diet sped out of her mind as she gobbled down the food, crumbs falling onto her sheets. As she finished, she could smell more food coming from downstairs, and with the greasy plate in one hand, she walked down the stairs, to find the dining room table covered in breakfast treats – more pancakes, bacon, sausages, a huge omelet, a big box of chocolate cereal, stacks of toast – and more pans frying on the cooker....After a whole day of gorging, Wendy got into her pajamas. ~29~

Wendy began to button her shirt, and found it fitting even worse then the previous night. When she finally buttoned it, her rounded stomach was bulging through the buttons, and the waistband was digging into her waist. ~30~

Wendy was getting into bed when her mom knocked on her door and opened it a crack. Her mom caught a sight of her daughter's rounded, doughy belly and smiled sweetly. ~31~

"Looks like someone is going to need some new pajamas soon!" She said and walked into Wendy's room. Wendy's eyes bulged when she saw what her mother was carrying. ~32~

A mound of chocolate chip cookies were on a large plate in one of her hands, and in the other was a large glass of 2% milk. ~33~

"I thought you might want a little snack before bed." Wendy's mom said. ~34~

Without a word, Wendy snatched the cookies and milk from her mother's hands and sat on her bed, gulping them ravenously. Wendy's mother left Wendy to the cookies, which were quickly disappearing. With every bite, Wendy felt her stomach stretch more and more. ~35~

When Wendy took the last bite of the cookies, there was a loud 'pop'! Wendy looked After only a few hours, Wendy woke up; her stomach, trying to ease itself out in between the buttons of her pajamas, was rumbling. She put the empty plate aside, and tiptoed out of the room, heading to see if anything was available in the kitchen for a midnight snack. Quiet, trying not the make a noise, she silently moved through the hall and into the room. ~36~

Waiting for her on the table was another plate of chocolate chip cookies, the same as the last batch, with a note, “Thought you might be hungry in the night.” ~37~

She grabbed a bottle of lemonade from the fridge, sat down at the table, and hungrily devoured the cookies, crumbs flying out of her mouth. The buttons on her top were under even more strain with every bite; all too soon she was out of cookies. She got up, reached into a cupboard, and found three bags of crisps, and these went down in fistfuls with the last of the drink. Another look in the cupboard yielded a few more chocolate bars, which she greedily consumed. down and saw one of the buttons that was trying to restrain her stomach had given up, and now was across the room. ~38~

Wendy put the plate down and rubbed her hard, full stomach with her pudgy hands. It was noticeably bigger, even after a day. Wendy squeezed it gently and enjoyed the feeling of the fat under her fingers. ~39~

Full and satisfied, Wendy slept better then she had in days.
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