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by Chubbs
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2266276
Girl and her mother binge on McDonalds
Chrissy sat at her favorite booth one Saturday afternoon. She was finishing off her 7th Big Mac.

"Ohhh... that was so good... but I'm still hungry..." Chrissy moaned

She stood up with some struggling. Her belly jiggled as she walked, and her shirt could not contain it. She went up to the counter.

"Hi, can I have 5 Big Macs, 2 large cokes, 7 large fries, 3 milkshakes, and a Fish Fillet?" She asked the cashier.

"Um... weren't you just here? You ordered 7 Big Macs?" The cashier replied.

The cashier was about Chrissy age, but about 3 times fatter.

"Yeah, so can I have those?" Chrissy replied a little annoyed.

"Fine." The cashier said angrily.

About 10 minutes later, Chrissy's food was ready. She grabbed it and went to her booth. She slid in, and started to eat.

She finished after about 30 minutes. She struggled to stand up even more, and started home. It had been 2 weeks later. Chrissy still ate at McDonalds everyday. She became fatter and fatter. One day she was eating her McDonalds in her room Chrissy was on her bed surrounded by McDonalds: dozens of Big Mac wrappers, dozens of fry containers, Nugget boxes, and everything else McDonalds sold. She had outgrown EVERYTHING except for a tank top that now, pushed up by her belly, looked like a sports bra, and a pair of spandex short shorts. While she gorging on an extra-large fries with her mom came in. she looked around the room at the McDonalds wrappers, and her daughter stuffing her face and spilling out of her clothes. She quickly slipped out of the room unnoticed. As she thought about what she saw, she decided her daughter would only do that to gain weight on purpose. Embarrassed about confronting her about it, she decided to secretly "help" her daughter get fat. Unknowingly to Chrissy, her Mother started helping her get fat. She bought Chrissy McDonalds every day.The next month passed by in hedonistic joy for Chrissy, the unsuspecting beneficiary of her mother's fattening assistance. McDonalds every day, all day, all the time, and in massive quantities. For breakfast, lunch at school, and dinner, Chrissy's mother strove mightily to guarantee her daughter was continually stuffed with the food she loved so much.

So much vast overindulgence understandably was murderous for Chrissy's waistline, which absolutely ballooned during the four weeks, with most of her weight collecting in her hefty E-cup tits and her massively blubbery pot-belly, which continually swelled outward and was unable to be contained by any shirt Chrissy owned. This caused many fashion-incidents in school and virtually guaranteed the heavy blubber of her gut was always on display for all to see. Of course, Chrissy couldn't care less, as she only focused on her next burger or handful of fries. As for her weight-gain, Chrissy also was ambivalent. She was a smart girl and quickly caught on to her fastly-swelling blubber, but while she didn't care as much about purposely gaining weight (yet), she knew that the more she ate, the more capacity she would have to cram in more delicious food, and this was good enough for her.

In such a manner, Chrissy blew past the 300 pound mark, and the month found her sitting pretty on 328 blubbery pounds. Friday morning found Chrissy sitting piggishly at her kitchen table cramming her face with McDonalds sausages. She'd been up since 6AM, early, but all the better, so that she could spend over two hours stuffing her massive stomach with rich food. Eagerly scarfing down a burger, Chrissy stifled a belch and happily patted her superswollen belly, small bubbling gurgles emanating with every pat, and her thick layers of fat jiggling delightfully: "HIC!! AH, yet another burger bites the dust...HIC...Can I have...HIC...any more before school, Ma...URRP?" Chrissy's mother smiled obligingly and shuttled another bag of grub to her massively fat daughter, admonishing her: "OF course, but you better eat that quickly, you gotta leave in 10 minutes." Chrissy smirked to herself. That would be no problem, as she grabbed burgers with both hands and crammed them into her stomach with ebullient ferocity. Finishing her bag with a triumphant hiccup, Chrissy then ever so slowly waddled out of her house and off to her car, her hands contentedly drHer mother grinned to herself as she watched Chrissy waddle out the door.

She began to clean up, and as she wiped the kitchen table she noticed a McDonalds bag that Chrissy left.

She grabbed the bag and ran to the door to give it to Chrissy, but seeing she was no where in sight, she sighed and laughed lightly to herself again.

She looked into the bag, and saw 4 egg McMuffin's and 6 hash browns,

Her stomach growled, and she thought to herself, "Well, I deserve a little treat. I mean, I have been so good to Chris and all..."

She took a bite from the Egg McMuffin and she finally understood what she had been missing out on all this time. This, this slice of heaven, is what everyone in the town is throwing away their health for.

She quickly devoured everything in the bag, before saying out loud: "Need. More."
umming the huge bulge of her overfilled gut, taking care to stop at McD's for a little 'snack' on the way to school.Chrissy and her mother were at their usual table at McDonald's for breakfast. In the month since Chrissy's mother had picked up her daughter's addiction for the greasy fare she had ballooned enormously; at 300 pounds she was close to using two chairs to support her ample assets just as her daughter already was, though she was gaining mostly in her belly. Over the past couple weeks she had taken to using her paunch as a makeshift table, keeping her tray of food right in front of her face.

As ravenous as she ate one would almost think she was afraid of her daughter stealing her food, but a quick glance across the table would tell one there was no threat of that. Chrissy, well past 400 pounds now, had her own personal feast of McGriddles, hash browns and super-sugary coffee shakes. And yet, it was all practically vacuumed up into the obese teen and when the two women got up so Chrissy could get driven to school (she used to be able to walk from her house to the school, but now anything more than five minutes was too much for her to stay on her feet) they made one last stop at the counter to get something 'for the road.'

Once Chrissy was at school her mother took care of what few errands there were (grocery shopping was reduced to picking up soda, ice cream and assorted salty snacks to tide her over in the hours between McDonald's was closed and reopened the next day), and then it was back to McDonald's to start her lunch meal, another hours-long affair broken only when it was time to pick up Chrissy. Then straight back to McDonald's, where the two passed the next few hours stuffing their faces.

Such was a normal day for the growing women, little in their focus beyond what the next handful of food was. Thanks to a fat insurance settlement when Chrissy's father died during a workplace accident there was little worry about money, and the women weren't spending what they had on anything other than food. Even clothing was of secondary importance; all of their old pants and shirts were either outgrown or strained to the point of looking painted on them. There was no outfit in their wardrobes that left anything to the imagination. Sweats were pulled taut, bellies poured free between top and bottom, tears were developing and growing larger.

Chrissy and her mother had no purpose in their life beyond eating, consequences be damned. Their social lives were non-existent, their house was little but a place to sleep off the thousands and thousands of calories they consumed during the day, and Chrissy was starting to get the first inkling that maybe she could just drop out of school and devote herself to eating all day like her mother was.

But even if the two ladies were fine with an existence built on nothing but consumption, the universe itself had other plans for them. One night, as McDonald's was getting ready to close and Chrissy and her mother were gathering up their last course of the day, the manager came up to them with some exciting news.As Chrissy and her mom heard that a new McDonald's was going to open in their town, Chrissy decided to start working there, so she had more money and she could eat for free.

At her first day she has been used as the cashier and she was even able to sit. Her working clothes used to be a bit small but xxxxl was the biggest size McDonald's offered. When you came in you could see Chrissy sitting behind the counter in a way too small shirt that didn't even cover her belly while she was stuffing greasy food like Big Macs and fries into her mouth.

One day a young chubby man around Chrissy's age came in and ordered 20 Big Macs. He looked so sexy with his hangig belly and thick ass and Chrissy fall in love to him. As there was no other customer, Chrissy waddled towards him and (huffing and puffing because of the short way) bravely asked him for a date: "Hey..huh..may I..puff..as.huhh..ask you..puff.. to go for..pfff pfff..a date wi..ha..with me?" She was embarrassed because she was so out of breath. The guy looked at her kinda blushed and said:" Yes, I'd love to." Chrissy has never felt this happy and really loked forward to the date.
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