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Girl gets revenge for making fun of her large size
Hanna had always been a heavier girl and ever since she started school people have been bullying her for her size. At the age of 16, Hanna currently weighs 244 lbs. She has tried to loose weight many of times but to no success. She blames her genetics for her ever expanding waist line, but in reality the fault might be her large appetite. Hanna has long auburn hair, pale freckled skin and bluish eyes. She has small breasts and most of her weight resides in her belly and thighs. She wear mostly baggy and oversized clothing to hide her body. Her personality has been shaped by the years of bullying and now she is a shy and timid girl, who prefers spending time alone reading. Hanna only has few friends at school, who she became friends with as they were also getting bullied.

Right now Hanna was walking home from school, quite flustered and teary eyed. Right before school had ended Hanna had once again fallen victim to Samantha's bullying. It had been the end of PE and Hanna was in the locker room changing out of her gym clothes, when Samantha had come up behind her and grabbed her stomach. She had then turned Hanna around so everyone in the locker room could see and then started jiggling her belly fat. Samantha had just laughed and made comments on how large and soft Hanna was. Other girls, mainly other cheerleaders, had joined in laughing and some even came to poke Hanna's belly. Hanna had just stood there, horrified and powerless to move. She had never been able to stand up for herself, not even in such horrible situations. When Samantha and the others had finally stopped Hanna quickly put her gym shirt back on and ran away.

Now she was making her way back home, while holding back tears. She was still wearing her sweaty gym clothing, and she hadn't even had the chance to put her bra back on before putting her top on and bolting out. All of this combined with all the other times similar things had happened because of Samantha, made Hanna want to scream and curse at the world and especially Samantha. But she just couldn't. Even if Samantha appeared right in front of her, she still couldn't even say one mean thing to her. She was too afraid to ever stand up herself. But still there wasn't a moment she didn't want to have some form of revenge.

As she walked her mind was too preoccupied, with hatred of Samantha and her own body, and she accidentally bumped into someone. Both of them fell on the ground and Hanna quickly started apologizing, but the other person quickly just stood up and continued walking. Hanna couldn't even discern the gender of the person, as she didn't see their face. Only thing she could notice were the strange robe like clothing the person was wearing.

As Hanna stood up, she noticed a package on the ground next to her. She figured that the other person must have dropped and she picked it up. As she was working out the courage to yell to the person, a feeling of calmness came over her. She didn't know why, but she felt that it would be fine to take package for herself, and she did. When she arrived at her home and went up to her room, she put the package on her desk and started wondering what on earth had come over her and made her practically steal someone else's property. But as she was looking at the package the same sense of calmness returned. But this time her mind was repeating words and names. Specifically revenge and Samantha. And as those thoughts became more and more vivid in her mind, Hanna found herself ripping open the package, revealing the object inside. Hanna ripped the package open and picked up the object hiding inside. She looked the object in her hand, wondering why the person, who she had bumped into, had wrapped it in such strange packaging. Inside of the package was a strange looking doll with very few features on it aside from a face and a pull string. Curious, Hanna pulled the string of the doll.

"Hello...I'm Little Miss VooDoo. Do you have someone you want to get back at? Its really simple." the doll said as it started to move on its own accord. "Just give me a picture of the target as well as a command and I will make it happen."

Hanna was a little surprised to see the doll walking and talking. But she regained her composure as she went through her school yearbook and put out a picture of Samantha. She handed it to the doll.

"Oh...she looks pretty hot." Miss VooDoo said as her body quickly started to change and shift before Hanna's eyes. Before she knew it, she was staring at a doll sized replica of Samantha. "Heheh...so...what do you want me to do with her?"

"So...you can do...anything to her?" Hanna asked. "Without consequences?"

"Oh of course. And if you wanna stop the control, just tug on my string and I'll change back to a normal doll." she giggled.

Hanna smiled as she knew exactly what to do with this chance. "Can we make her fatter?" Hanna asked, the feeling of Samantha's hands gripping and shaking her belly still burned into her memory.

"Sure, that's easy as pie!" the Samantha doll beamed. "You just gotta make me bigger."

"Er, and how do I make you bigger, exactly?" Hanna asked, still confused.

"Well how would you make any doll bigger?" the doll asked patiently.

"I guess by adding stuffing?" Hanna offered.

"Bingo!" the doll smiled. "Now you're starting to get it..."

Hanna's eyes darted around her room, when they finally landed on an old pillow on a chair. She unzipped the pillow and pulled out a handful of stuffing. She held it up to the doll, but realized this handful would nearly double the doll's size. She didn't want to do anything too drastic, at least not yet, and pulled off a cotton ball sized amount and held it up to the doll.

"Do I... open you up or...?" Hanna began.

"Ew gross, nothing like that!" the doll snapped. "You can just feed it to me. Or, if you rub it on me, I can absorb it that way."

"Er, let's start with that," Hanna agreed.

She lifted up the doll's miniature version of the crop top Samantha was wearing, and began rubbing the pillow stuffing on the doll's belly. She felt a bit silly at first, but gasped as she discovered the stuffing was indeed disappearing. When it was all gone, she held up the doll and studied it, but couldn't see any differences.

"Did it... work?" Hanna asked, studying the doll closely from every angle.

"Of course it worked!" the doll said, then began looking over herself as well. "I'd say you added roughly... 3 pounds!"

"That's it?" Hanna asked, disappointed. "I've gained that much in a day without magic," she pouted.

"Well why not try some more?" the doll suggested.

With a wicked grin, Hanna nodded, grabbing two more similarly size balls of fuzzy stuffing. She massaged one into the doll's belly, then the other.

Holding the doll up, now even Hanna could see the difference. The skimpy crop top looked a bit stretched out by the doll's thicker arms and fuller chest. Happily, Hanna noted a small roll of fat peeking out between the top and the doll's jeans, which also looked stretched to their max.

[5 minutes earlier, in Samantha's room]

"Oh my god can you believe that cow actually showed her belly like that?" Samantha cackled, reclined on her luxurious pink bedspread.

"I know, right?" her best friend Lizzie nodded in agreement.

"Like, if you're gonna be a fat cow, at least have the decency to hide it from the rest of us. Like, wait until we leave the locker room, or..."

Suddenly, Samantha was interrupted by a sharp pain in her stomach. She shifted to relieve the discomfort, then looked down and noticed her jeans seemed... tighter than before. She tugged them up slightly which felt better, but she felt a mild wave of worry about why they were so tight.

"Sam, you ok?" Lizzie asked, concerned.

"Fine," Samantha snapped back. Her mother had probably just shrank them in the wash, she told herself.

Lizzie continued on about what a fatass Hanna was, and Samantha was about to agree when suddenly the pain in her stomach doubled.

She looked down in horror and saw her formerly fat belly begin to fill and rise like bread dough. She rubbed her eyes, figuring it was some sort of illusion, but no matter how much she blinked, there was a small but noticeable belly roll looking back at her. She sat bolt upright to examine it, which only succeeded in making her belly squish together and look bigger, a small crease developing around the sides.

"...and it's like, not that hard to watch what you eat," Lizzie continued. "Or work out on the weekends or..." she said, then paused, realizing Samantha hadn't spoken in a while.

She looked up and her eyes widened as she caught Samantha studying what could only be described as a small pot belly.

"Though I guess you may want to look into diet and exercise more too if you don't want to end up looking like her!" Lizzie giggled.

"Shut up Elizabeth," Samantha snarled through gritted teeth. "This is just... some water weight," she said, trying to convince herself as well as Lizzie.

"Relax, it was just a joke," Lizzie said. "I know we all go through fluctuations," she added, though secretly she wondered if maybe her friend hadn't gotten a little lazy with her diet... "Well come on," she said, changing the subject. "Let's go meet up with Jason and Ryan at the mall,"

Reluctantly, Samantha agreed.

"Just... let me grab a sweatshirt first," she added cautiously. Having had her fun with the doll, Hanna had gone online and started going through Samantha's social medias. She hoped to maybe see a post from Samantha freaking out or maybe even a picture showing her fuller figure, but Samantha's feed lacked any new posts.

Eventually Hanna saw that Lizzie had just posted a selfie on Instagram. She was at the mall and in the background she spotted Samantha wearing a sweatshirt and looking slightly sad or embarrassed. So Samantha was at the mall, this could be interesting.

Hanna picked up the doll again, now noticing it's clothes had changed. It was now also wearing a sweatshirt.

"Hey, doll. Is there some way to you can make Samantha eat something?" Hanna asked. She not only wanted to make Samantha fat, but make behave like a pig around others.

"That can be done very easily." The doll said cheerfully. "All you have to do, is place my hand on my mouth and give me some more stuffing. Then your target will get really really hungry and if there's food around they'll eat it."

"Yes, perfect." Hanna said excitedly as she grabbed some more stuffing.


At the same time in the mall, Samantha was walking along side Lizzie. Samantha was still trying to reason with herself about her now softer midsection.

"Jason said he was picking up Ryan, so they should be here soon." Lizzie said while looking at her phone.

Samantha didn't reply, as she was lost in thought.

"Hey! Earth to Samantha!" Lizzie snapped her finger at Samantha.

"What?" Samantha said, with annoyance in her voice.

"I was talking." Lizzie said before noticing that Samantha had been looking at her stomach. "Oh, still worried about your 'little water weight'. I bet the guys wont even notice."

"Hey! It is just water weight, you little..." Samantha began before she felt pain in her stomach. "Aahh"

"Wha.. Are you alright?" Lizzie asked, confused.

Samantha grabbed her belly with a pained expression on her face. She didn't know why, but right now her stomach felt like it was completely empty. She had to have some food and she had to have it right now.

Lizzie began getting closet to see if her friend needed help, but then suddenly Samantha bolted of to a near by buffet at the mall. She ran to the counter and slammed down her credit card while still holding her stomach. She practically demanded to get food.

Lizzie entered the buffet and saw Samantha just piling food onto a plate. Piles of sausages, meatballs, bacon, eggs, potatoes and anything else she could get her hand on.

"Sam, what's going on? Are you alright?" Lizzie asked, now worried about her friend.

"Need food." Samantha said with food already in her mouth. Bits of meat flung towards Lizzie.

Samantha quickly moved to a table. where she began devouring all the food in front of her. She wasn't using any utensil, just grabbing food with her hand no matter how greasy or saucy.

"Are you sick or something? Because this is getting pretty weird. Like the guys are gonna be here soon and like this is really embarrassing." Lizzie said as she watched her friend shove a handful of bacon into her mouth.

All that Samantha was able to say while she pigged out was, "Can't...stop...eating..."

In the back of her mind Samantha was freaking out. Why was she so hungry? And why couldn't she control herself?


Back in her room Hanna looked with sinister glee as the Samantha doll's belly was slightly growing. It was fun watching the doll expand, but what Hanna really wanted was to see it in person, so she hopped on the bus, bringing the doll with her.

Meanwhile, at the mall, Samantha was able to catch her breath as she finally felt full. Rubbing her swollen belly, she could feel how stuffed it was, even under her thick sweatshirt. Coming back to her senses, her eyes widened as she saw the mess before her.

"Lizzie! How could you let me eat all that?" she snapped.

"Let you? I was scared you'd bite my hand off if I tried to stop you!"

"Ugh, the boys will be here any minute," Samantha whined, pulling out her makeup mirror, her eyes widening in shock when she saw various sauces smeared across her face. She quickly grabbed a napkin and began wiping it off, then scrambled in her bag to find her makeup and make herself look presentable again.

"Hey ladies," Jason grinned, walking up to the girls.

"Oh hey Jason," Samantha replied, re-applying her lipstick in such a rush that it was smeared slightly. "We were, oof, just grabbing a snack while we waited for you," she said, trying to stand up, but feeling her belly was so full it threatened to pop the button of her jeans, she quickly sat back down.

"Well, you girls ready to do some shopping?" Ryan replied, raising an eyebrow at Samantha's unusual behavior.

Samantha was about to respond, but that was the exact moment Hanna showed up with the doll.

"Of course," Samantha said, doing her best to maintain a smile as she shifted in her seat, doing her best to stand up without popping a button. "I just..."

As she spoke, Hanna once again brought the doll's hand and some more stuffing to its face.

"I just... need to eat some more," she said, her eyes widening as she said it.

"More? You just ate enough for a family of 4!" Lizzie teased.

"I... had a big workout today," Samantha lied as the hunger began overtaking her.

"Oh, ok. Do you want us to wait for you?" Jason asked, mildly confused.

"No!" Samantha snapped. "I mean, no... it's ok. You... go on ahead. I'll catch up..." she said, awkwardly standing up and rushing back to the buffet.

The boys looked at Lizzie who shrugged.

"I dunno, she's been weird all day. Let's just go," she said, and the trio began heading out.

Meanwhile Samantha barely made it to a table before she started shoveling food into her mouth with both hands. She knew it was impossible that she was still hungry after eating so much, but she also knew she needed to eat more than anything else at the moment.

Hanna watched with glee as Samantha made a pig of herself, and she could feel the doll's belly expanding minute by minute. She began to worry what would happen if Samantha got too full but, as if on instinct, she began massaging the doll's belly, spreading stuffing out to the rest of its body. As a result, as Samantha continued to eat, her entire body started growing plumper. Her formerly thin, muscular thighs softened, stretching out the material of her skinny jeans. Her arms grew softer and heavier, her breasts fuller, and a small double chin became noticeable. Samantha kept showing even more food into her mouth, while staff at the buffet looked at her confused. Just a bit outside of the buffet sitting just outside of view was Hanna, who looked on with pleasure as Samantha kept eating and growing. Eventually Samantha managed to stop and began leaving the buffet. She couldn't believe what she had just done and her stomach felt like bursting. She thought that leaving would be her best choice to avoid further weirdness.

Hanna watched as Samantha exited the buffet, looking fuller then ever. Samantha seemed to head in the opposite direction where her friends had gone. Still out of Samantha's view Hanna decided to use the doll one last time today and added a bit more stuffing to it. Samantha once more put on some weight and she could hear a rip. She was pretty sure it had been her pants, but right now she didn't even dare to look.

Hanna stood up and left Samantha alone for now. She decided that since she was at the mall, she might as well do some shopping, or at least look around. After a evening out at the mall, some of which was spent avoiding Lizzie and the guys, Hanna returned back home. She was barely able to fall asleep thinking about all the ways she could now get back at Samantha for bullying her for all these years.


The next day at school Hanna walked down the hall looking unusually happy. People were a little put off by seeing the usually shy fat girl now looking practically ecstatic. But Hanna was not the only one out looking out of place today.

Hanna made her way to English class and sat down in her usual seat. She looked back to the back of the class where the cheerleaders usually sat. Lizzie was there and so were some others but Samantha seemed to be absent. She wasn't usually late, well at this time of day, anyway.

As the class was just about to start the door opened and Samantha stepped in. It was pretty clear to everyone she that she was heavier then she had been yesterday. She was again wearing the sweater but now had on sweatpants and she had put on much less makeup then usual.

Walking to her seat Samantha got uncomfortable as she see people looking at her. Mainly her stomach. Samantha was used to people passing looks at her, she was one of the prettiest girls in school after all. But these weren't looks of adoration or jealousy. These were something different.

When Samantha sat down awkwardly, Lizzie leaned over.

"Hey, Sam. Where'd you go yesterday? You just kinda ditched us." She asked, before taking a better look at her. "Also, what's like going on with you?"

"Look. I'm fine. Just.. dealing with some.. things" Samantha tried to come up with something to get attention off, but she could barely understand what was going herself.

Hanna kept listening in as much as she could and was loving every moment. After class finished, Samantha was the first one out, quick to try and keep herself from onlookers and being the center of attention, even though that is a position she normally enjoys.

Samantha quickly ducked into the nurse's office as quickly as she could.

"Uh...is everything all right?" the nurse asked as she got up from her desk. "You don't look well."

"I'm not. I am not well at all. I really need some help." Samantha said shaking quite a bit.

"Calm down, you are in a safe haven. Just tell me what the problem is." the nurse said as Samantha lied down on the table. "And do you really need that sweater on?"

"I'm uh...not ready to take it off yet. And I will explain way." Samantha said.

She then proceeded to go on and on about her recent binges and how she was quickly gaining weight in a matter of hours much to her shock.

"So please...what is wrong with me? I need professional help here." Samantha said on the verge of tears.

"Hmm...well...this is a very strange case but...I would have to say that the problem is..." "...physical," the nurse concluded. "There's no denying you've gained a lot of weight since we measured you last year," she continued. "And it's worrying to see a young woman like you gain so much weight in so little time."

Samantha dried her eyes, happy that someone was taking her seriously.

"So what can you do for me?" she asked hopefully.

"Here are some pills that should hopefully speed up your metabolism and, along with diet and exercise, get you back to your original weight."

Samantha happily grabbed the pills.

"Of course there are some side effects," the nurse cautioned. "The pill is a stimulant, and the most common side effects are a restless feeling, and difficulty sleeping. There are other rarer side effects as well, but hopefully you don't need to worry about those.

Samantha nodded along, only half listening, and when the nurse was done talking asked for a glass of water and took the first pill.


For the rest of the day, Samantha was in a better mood. Obviously she still didn't feel great about the small belly she'd developed, seemingly overnight, but she had hopes that the pills the nurse gave her would help. The baggy clothes she wore definitely earned her some looks, but fortunately they were baggy enough so nobody figured out the real reason she was wearing them. The only challenge came during PE, but Samantha lied and said she'd hurt her ankle so the teacher excused her from activities for the day. Only Hanna knew the real reason for Samantha's strange behavior, and watched with glee as the former queen bee sat on the sidelines.


Back at home, however, Samantha began feeling the side effects of the pills. She paced her room anxiously, feeling like she should be doing something but not knowing what to do. She could hang out with Lizzie, but didn't want to hear any more questions about her strange clothes or behavior. She knew she should probably start exercising more, but didn't want to be seen in public in tight fitting workout clothes. As she paced, her eyes landed on her school books. She could perhaps... study?

Samantha had never studied in her life: she didn't particularly care about school or education, and she only needed good enough grades to get her into the state's "party school". However, since she was bored and stuck inside, she figured why not and began reading. To her surprise, thanks to the diet pills, she found herself enjoying it more than she expected, and ended up staying up until 2am reading.

Of course, she was exhausted in the morning, and barely had time to shower, much less do her hair or put makeup on. As a result, when she walked into school in her sweatpants and sweatshirt, hair a mess, and face devoid of makeup, people hardly recognized her (it didn't help that her face was looking chubbier due to the weight gain). Running late, she slid into the seat next to Lizzie, who had to do a double take when she saw her.

"Sam? Are you... feeling ok?" Lizzie asked, looking over the somewhat plain looking girl sitting next to her.

"Fine, yeah, why?" Samantha replied, a bit out of breath.

Before Lizzie could answer however, class started. The teacher lectured for a bit, then turned to the class.

"Can anyone tell me what the green light in the book represents?"

As if on instinct, Samantha's hand shot up.

"Samantha?" the teacher asked, a bit surprised.

"Yes, um, I think the green light is a metaphor for the main character's hopes and dreams?"

"That is... correct!" the teacher said, a bit surprised. Samantha never volunteered in class, much less with the correct answer. Lizzie looked at her friend a bit surprised too.

And, from the back of the class, Hanna was shocked as well. Somehow gaining weight had made Samantha into a better student... Perhaps she could use that to her advantage.
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