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by Chubbs
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2266281
After being fired, a girl gets a job at a bakery.
“I swear, it won’t happen again.”

“Somehow, I seriously doubt that. I’ll expect your uniform by the end of the day. Don’t bother coming back tomorrow morning.”

As Natalie finished taking one last bite of her cinnamon bun, she felt the blush fill up her scarlet, round cheeks. She really had blown it again. It wasn’t like she had anyone to blame other than herself--her and her stupid belly.

Still, could anyone really blame her for taking a couple of the sweets off the display counter? She was working at a freaking pastery shop! The store was practically shoving free food in her face. Yes, she may have taken a little bit more than necessary, but, really, at the end of the day could anyone blame her for snagging a few donuts at the end of the day for herself?

At least she lasted the month.

She felt a little humiliated more than anything--no, more than a little humiliated. She had been reprimanded in front of the entire store at the busiest hour of the day, and--even worse--she would’ve gotten away with sneaking had her uniform’s button not sprung off. This would’ve just been embarrassing, had said button not rocketed across the room, homing into the back of her boss’s head, whacking him upside his bald head. No, that statement wasn’t accurate enough. It had actually hit the brim of his fedora, knocking the hat off of his bald head, before the button bounced into the air, spinning like a flipped quarter, before landing heads right on the crown of the guy’s skull.

Natalie had wanted to just crawl into a ball under the desk at then, but the first stupid customer to come to her kept calling for her, attracting the boss to her plight. And then--well, the rest was history.

Natalie waited through the rest of her shift, well aware that, even now, she was leaving the only job that would hire her. She went to the locker room in the back, withdrawing her stuff, as she hastily tore off her uniform. She struggled a little bit as she pulled it off over her breasts, which caught hold of the elastic bands. Why would an elastic uniform need buttons anyway?

She caught a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror.

It seemed like she had accumulated a little fringe benefit from the job.

She pouted once more as she ran a hand over her slightly pudgy belly--no, it was a little more than that now--as she pulled her jeans over her thighs, which had grown a little more bountiful with every truffle and little pastery consumed. As she hopped up and down, struggling to fit into her size eights, she compared herself to an ice cream cone overflowing with vanilla ice cream.

No, more like strawberry.

She was blushing.

Her belly hung slightly over the lips of her pants, a sensation she was unfamiliar with. The pinching and uncomfortable awkwardness was uncanny, abnormal. In high school, she had long, sleek legs, the type you’d associate with a dancer or something. In actuality, she had done soccer with some running on the side, but the technicalities weren’t important.

Point is, when she pressed a finger to the flesh, she felt her muscle buried beneath her meat. Maybe if she had some sort of excavation to the center of Natalie, she’d find some muscle.

Until then… After tying her hair back into a ponytail--and exposing her fuller cheeks and slightly thicker neck--she found herself wandering down the street, walking to the bus stop. Even her cardigan was tight on her soft shoulders. As she tried readjusting herself, she began to appreciate her position right now. She was stuck in the worst of situations, since she was stuck without a job with college bills to pay, now officially boyfriend-less, and, on top of all else, she had been paid in pounds rather than dollars.

Well, at least the chub lent itself well to interesting puns.

No, she had to work out! She had to find some other job to take. Laying a finger aside her chin, she went down the list of possible professions open to her. Cashier at a store? No, those customers were complete jack-asses. It was always easier to feed someone at a bakery. They always were in high spirits there, always willing to smile and thank a customer. Not at those stores where people had a bug up their butt.

What about as a bank teller? Yeah, just the right job for her. Less contact with people, unless said people were armed robbers, holding her at gun point. She imagined herself curled up into a ball under the desk--no, it was even worse now, since with her extra pounds she was just a juicier target! She couldn’t fight back, since even walking down this one block was enough to put her out of breath.

“Help wanted.”

The sign caught her eye almost instantly. She turned around, heart racing, as she stared at the sign. She was staring at another bakery, this one a cute one that had been designed intentionally to resemble a gingerbread house, like in that old fairy tale. Natalie wondered if it was such a wise idea to design a bakery after a cannibal witch’s house, but she didn’t make the damn place.

Still, maybe she could work there. She pushed the door open, alarmed by the fact that even her hands looked pudgier now. At the front desk was a woman slightly older than her--this was an assumption, as the woman couldn’t have been older than thirty. She was, however, a little pudgier than her. No, a lot. She held a gingerbread cookie in her pudgy fingers, biting into it, her round face almost glowing in revelry, her eyes alight with joy. Her ginger, wavy locks stuck out in all directions as she swallowed, her bountiful breasts bouncing as she leaned forward, pushing herself up slightly against the counter. With a wide smile, chicks dimpling, she asked, “Hi! Can I get you something?”

“Well, maybe a job application?” Natalie asked, noticing how the name tag clipped on her bust was labeled “Jessica.”

Jessica’s eyes lit up. She hastily drew backward, accidentally clanging her head against a dangling display, before withdrawing a paper underneath the desk. As she rubbed her cranium, tears in her eyes, she said, in a strained voice, “Here ya go. Sorry, just--yeah, clumsy.”

“It’s fine,” Natalie asked, glancing at the form. She quickly looked it over. However, before she finished it, Jessica took the form away, glancing at her with a look of confusion. “What’s wrong?”

“Look, do you want the job?”

“Well, kinda. I just got fired from my last job, and--” Wait, she shouldn’t have said that.Blush filling up her round face, Natalie stammered back, “Look, it wasn’t a big deal why I was fired. I just--it was a total accident, understand? Unintentional! I didn’t mean to--”

“Did you steal money?”


“Kill a bookie?”

“Uh, as opposed to kill someone else--?”

“Or was it just a clothing malfunction?”

Natalie sighed. “That’s part of the reason…”

“That’s not a big deal then. I mean, so long as it wasn’t illegal--”

“Well, I kinda took free food,” Natalie confessed. Jessica nodded, slowly, before asking, “So why were you fired?”

“I just told you.”

“What? The food thing? They fired you over that?”

“Well, surprisingly, I was eating into the profits.”

“That’s inexcusable of them. I mean, criminal even!”

“You don’t need to get passionate about it…”

Jessica took Natalie by the hand. For whatever reason, her belly fluttered, her skin tingling on her skin as Jessica pulled her close, close enough to kiss her. “Don’t worry. You’re in safe hands.” Those lips were pretty soft, pursed ever so slightly. She had to restrain herself though. Had to hold herself back. Sure, this girl was a total cutie, but--

Oh, yeah, Natalie was bi.

That had been awkward in high school.

Jessica took Natalie behind the counter, surprisingly strong for a woman of her size. Her belly had been hidden by the counter before, but, now that she saw it, she was surprised by how bouncy it was. It was like a soft ball, or perhaps some teddy bear she wanted to cuddle with desperately. She longed to touch it, which--was odd. She tended to prefer thinner girls, but not this before.

Had getting a little pudgy affected how she saw other people? “Listen, if you ever get hungry, eat to your heart’s consent,” Jessica said, smiling, “Just make sure that you tell our chef George what’s going on--where is she, anyway?”

“Right here.” Natalie laid eyes on George, a boy around Jessica’s age. He seemed rather disinterested in everything, safe for the steaming tray of muffins he held out in front of him, steam rising up from the rounded, fluffy surfaces those muffin tops. Of course, George had a little muffin top of his own there, nothing huge, but just a little--fluffier. Natalie kinda wanted to rest her hands on it, to give it a good ol’ squeeze and cuddle up next to him.

Again, awkward.

“What’s up with your face?” George asked, frowning.

“What? My face?”

“Yeah, it’s all red. It’s really weird.”

“I’m sorry, I--uh--”

“Whatever,” George mumbled, extending the tray to the other two, “Muffin? I guess you’re working here, so you better take a taste.”

“You’re offering me free food?” Natalie accepted the sweet, only to fumble it in her fingers. Too hot. It stunned her. The poor desert landed face-down on the floor, crumbling apart upon impact. George stared at it in disbelief, and, after sighing, offered a replacement.

This time, Natalie tasted it.

She nearly squealed in delight as the sweet flavor filled her throat. Her body was in knots as she bounced up and down on her toes, eager for a second bite--third--tenth--until it was all gone. When it was, she reached for another, only for George to draw the tray away. It was probably too much to ask for more.

“What did you think? Too sugary?”

“Oh, it was so sweet and delicious! It’s perfect.”

George’s eyebrows lowered in skepticism. “Don’t bullshit me. It was a bad batch, I know. You don’t need to tease me about it.”

“No, it honestly was amazing,” Natalie mumbled, slightly embarrassed.

George offered a different muffin. “This one is much better. I guarantee it. Maybe you’ll give me better criticism after tasting it.”

It was even sweeter than the last one. After leaving the kitchen, Jessica took her out back to the lockers, at which she turned around, withdrawing a little tape measurer. “Alright, now strip.”

“What?” stammered Natalie, who backed away, awkwardly protecting her little muffin top.

“C’mon, let’s get your measurements,” Jessica said, eagerly, “We need to see how I should order your uniform. We don’t have all--”

“I’d rather not. I kinda packed on a few pounds lately, and--”

Jessica smiled as she rested her hands on Natalie’s shoulders, making her feel warm once more. She was close to her breasts--no, their breasts were touching--as Jessia said, smiling, “I know how that feels. I used to be a skinny girl until I met George.”

“Wait, what?”

Jessica gestured over to her cell phone, where she showed Natalie a picture of her and George, only George didn’t have a belly, and Jessica--she was absolutely a stick. Natalie had really cute muscular legs when she was in high school, but Jessica had been really thin, the type of girl who could afford to eat a sandwich or seventeen and not worry about her weight. How did that babe turn into this chubby girl?

“Oh, George made me open up this store, since he really wanted everyone to feel happy while eating. And, well, he did. He always had me test everything he made. It always made him feel special--loved, even. So I ate everything he offered. When I got a little--well, isn’t it obvious?--he didn’t even mind. He felt it was a tribute to our love. Still, I didn’t really forgive him for fattening me up, so I gave him a piece of his own medicine. I gotta say, I like him more that those hard abs aren’t in the way. More to cuddle with, I think. Fat guys are more snuggly, am I right?”

“I suppose--but don’t you miss being skinny?”

“Why would I?”

“Well, being in shape, or--?”

“Well, you are in a shape, just a different one,” Jessica said, caressing her own hip before cupping her breasts in each hand, “I mean, I have huge boobs! Look at these! These things are massive!”

“I guess so--” Natalie glanced at her own thighs. Sure, they were thicker than when she had been an athlete, but they still retained a shape. It wasn’t blubbery or messy, and it did vaguely resemble her soccer legs. They were smooth, yet still powerful looking. Her belly she had mixed feelings about, but Jessica’s was so cuddly. Maybe she looked kinda cuddly too, like a panda bear or something. As for her boobs--yeah, they were humungous. Even her chubby cheeks looked cute. After all, chubby kids were adorable, so what was so different about chubby adults?

Jessica unwound the tape again. “So don’t feel awkward, okay.”

Natalie didn’t. Jessica had taken Natalie's measurements. She measured her belly, breasts , feet, arms and legs. She scouted every inch of Natalie, who kind of thought it was awkward.

After a while of scribbling some things down on paper, Jessica walked over to a closet in a corner of the store.

She rummaged through the closet, her big jiggling butt shaking about, showing its hugeness and roundness, like a plump ball shaped peach. It was definitely an area of her body that was really fat, next to her jiggling belly, thick arms, pudgy fingers, and jiggling fat huge thighs.

"Aha here it is" Jessica said with a eureka sounding tone. She took out and outfit that looked like a pink elastic uniform.

"We have one just in your size Natalie" Jessica said. "In fact, this uniform is designed to stretch to ANY size" she said.

"Any size" Natalie asked curiously. "That's right, so you don't have to worry if you get fatter. It will grow with you and assimilate itself to your body, so you can get as fat as you want" she said in a somewhat cheerful tone. Somehow Natalie felt suspicious of the way she said those last words so pleasantly.

Natalie examined the outfit closely. It was a pair of elastic pink leggings, a rubbery looking skirt, a pink t-shirt and an apron with a blank name tag. "This outfit is made out of the stretchiest material. you can stretch it to any length you want. Even if you haven't changed in size that much, you can make the outfit stretch to humongous sizes" she went on to say. "For example, you could turn the small collar of this t-shirt" she said, demonstrating with her own uniform "into a hoodie" she said pulling the collar of her shirt over her head, squishing her chubby round cheeks. Natalie supposed it wasn't bad and she never had to change it since it could accomidate her anytime.

"Ok then" she said.

"Great, lets go get changed" Jessica said. Natalie was caught off guard. "Wait, NOW"?

"Of course now, we have to see how you will look" Jessica replied. She showed Natalie into a changing room. After a while of struggling to take off her clothes, that became too tight for her and her puffy jiggling belly sticking out of the lips of her pants, she got her new uniform on. She stretched the rubbery shirt over her big breasts and jiggling belly. It fit like a glove.

After coming out of the changing room Jessica said "Oh you look so cute". Natalie blushed. She was feeling a bit embarassed over this outfit. Jessica grabbed Natalie's chubby hand. "Come on, lets show you your workplace" she said. Natalie was dragged by Jessica while her jiggling fat bubble butt squashed into Natalie's hips, she was sure in a hurry. "OoOoKkk" she sai d vibrating.

Jessica brought her to the front. "All you have to do is take the money and put it i the cash register" Jessica said. "Cool" Natalie replied. "Thats good that you got it" Jessica exclaimed happily. She stuck her chubby hand into her apron pocket and pulled out another gingerbread cookie like the one before. She unwrapped it with vigor and bit into its chocolaty goodness. "MmmMMM, i love these cookies" she said holding the half eaten gingerbread man. "Itsh shooo goodd" she said chewing with joy.

Natalie was look a bit enviously at Jessica. She wanted the cookie, in fact, she wanted to eat as many sugary delicious treats as she could right now.

Jessica looked at Natalie between a bite of her cookie. "Oh dear me, you must be starving" she said. Natalie was a bit nervous. She was hungry, she was VERY hungry. Her belly gurgled and she wanted to devour all the sweets she could. It was just how she was. Despite that she was also humble, and didn't want to impose after just being hired.

"Oh no I'm not hungry I just- she was saying but was cut off by Jessica. "Nonsense, i can see it in your eyes, you want something to eat, something sweet and sugary. Its perfectly understandable if you have a healthy appetite and this is a bakery so you may have been influenced" she said. It was like she could read Natalie's mind.

"Why don't we go to the back and eat" she said. "A treat for your first day and whats to come".

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