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Dear Me: A Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

Well, here it is 2022. Wow, we made it. Somehow, despite some illnesses, none of which were related to the Chinese virus, we survived 2021. So, the question before us is, where do we go from here? What are our plans? Goals?

I have a few ideas for your consideration me. First, let’s get back to the gym. It’s been a few years, and to be blunt, I think we’re getting a bit flabby. Planet Fitness is in town, and it won’t hurt to rejoin. A cardo workout a few times a week would help to lower our high blood pressure.

It’s been almost a year since we traveled. I think (and I know you agree, me) we need to pick a destination and head out in May. Or just throw a dart at a map of the good old USA, and head for wherever the dart lands. If the dart lands on the floor or sticks into the wall, we get another try. Agreed? That RV out there needs to be driven.

Let’s write that 3rd novel. The first one, “An Army Between Us” is doing well and our 2nd novel, “Soldier On: Emily’s Story, Book 2” will be out soon. Now is the time to start number three. Let’s plan to start an outline and draft up some character profiles in February. Do you agree, me? You and I also need to keep up with promoting the first two.

We need to launch our Halloween auction again this year. Last year we were too ill to handle running the October activity on Writing.Com. This year will be our third year for the auction. Yeah, yeah. I know it should be our 4th year, but you were as sick as me. So, hush. I think we need to start planning the opening in August. That would be a good time to list what needs to be done and allow us the time to do it.

The “Think About It” writing contest is up and doing well. We got it up in January on time to start 2022. But we need to enter more contest on WdC, now that we’re feeling better. We can start out slow, doing just one contest a month. After we see how that goes, we can increase that to two a month. Sounds like a plan.

Me, I think we need to spend more time with family, so perhaps a trip to Washington state to see Kelly and the grandkids. It’s 2800 miles one way. I think we need to fly if they’ll (the powers that be) allow us, based on whatever rules are in effect at some future point in time this year. We haven’t seen them in three years, so it’s time. What do you think, me? Time to pack?

We also need to keep our health up. You’re not getting any younger and you’re dragging me along kicking and screaming with you. Increasing our water intake, I know I don’t like it either, is a necessary evil along with three healthy meals per day. It’s not good for us to miss meals. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe we should incorporate an apple into one meal.

That’s all I have for us to attempt to stick to this year. I know we can do it if we work as a team. I forgot to bring “I” into the conversation. Sorry “I”. Okay, so if me, myself, and I are all in agreement, let’s do it. Are you with myself me? I, you on board? Myself agrees. In that case, let’s stick to the plan and have a great 2022.

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