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Most of us fret, get anxious about small things as well as big. What troubles us?
Life’s too short to fuss and fret
To moan about what we can’t get.
Or argue over this and that
That leaves us drained and feeling flat
Or sorrowful or stressed or sad
Agitated or even mad!
What troubles us so much within ?
An argument , we’d like to win?
The path to peace seems far too steep
The hole we’re in, far too deep !
Bills that come in thick and fast
For things we’ve that seldom last.
A broken promise made by a friend,
A broken vase we cannot mend.
My phone is missing ! Oh no, disaster !
Why does my pc not work faster?
Words flow apace when we complain
At those we think have caused us pain.
And so at night our thoughts go round
Awake, we feel our poor heart pound.
What will tomorrow bring? We sigh,
Things that make us laugh or cry?
Worry like a snowball grows
Rolling down our hill of woes.
Life’s too short. Yes it’s true.
And yet there is one thing that we can do.
Give everything to God and pray
And all your cares will fade away.

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