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“Shadow on the Snow, the Last Groundhog Day" for writer's Cramp

To the invisible masters of the universe
Those shadowy investors who controlled the government
The military, the media, culture and society.

There were many things
That did not make sense anymore
That should be jettisoned.

To make way for the new emerging world
A world in which the new AI overlords
would gradually take over
And humanity will be taken care of
But the human committee would remain in charge.

the committee that did not exist
The new COSMOS Super AI

To rank order things that could be done away with.

Cosmos gave the committee the list
Among them were the quaint custom of Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day just did not make any sense
How could a lowly groundhog
seeing its shadow foretell the weather?

And why did people make such a big deal
Of this poor little creature
Who had to be poked awake
Every February 2nd to make his stupid forecast?

the word went out
Groundhog Day would no longer
Be observed, broadcasted
Or even mentioned anymore.

But the legend of Groundhog Day
Continued underground for centuries
Became symbols of resistance
To the COSMOS AI overlord
And the committee that did not exist.

The phrase long live the groundhog
Became a rallying point
For the resistance movement.

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