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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2266579
Now that the NEO-ONE has a shrinking function, the girls want to get creative with it.
“Wait, you wanna what?” Rita frowned. Of all the things Riv had asked her recently, this was the weirdest. But also the most interesting, she had to admit.

River just nodded, and suddenly, two teens had plans that evening. Just as long as no one told Mirror, nothing could go wrong… right?

“So umm… should I just sit here?” Rita said, taking her place on the floor in Professor Mirror’s office. River gave her the thumbs up and clambered into the NEO. Rita just sat there shyly, so she took her opportunity and hit the button on the dashboard, shrinking it - and her- down to a tiny size.

“Oh wow, this is amazing!” Rita cried, watching as the tiny hovercraft bumbled onto her leg like some curious bee. “No pictures though, okay? I don’t wanna explain that.”

River gave another tiny thumbs up, and set to climbing Rita’s leg, brushing over leg hairs and approaching the knee. Along her thigh and curving inwards, she nevertheless slowed down at the apex of the bigger teen’s shorts.

“Oh jeez, are you going in?” Rita gulped. The NEO tucked under her shorts and wove in through the clothes, exploring Rita’s most private area. A flashlight lit up as the NEO tucked into her panties, and illuminated a patch of dark purple curls, trailing down across her mound and around her pussy. River grinned; her destination was in sight.

“…it’s kinda weird seeing myself like this.” Rita mumbled. “Look though, I can do this!”

She ran her finger along the crotch of her shorts, and both teens could see an enormous concave rumble past, squashing into the delicate skin. Rita twitched in response to her finger, meanwhile River crept closer to the pink tunnel beneath.

“You sure you’ll fit?” Rita gulped, and River just shrugged. There was only one way to find out, wasn’t there?

Pressing forwards, the NEO pushed itself into the sticky flesh, and juices and hair pressed against the window. More and more of the teen’s sex surrounded it, until the little hovercraft was swallowed up by Rita entirely. And both girls were enthralled by the sight.

“It’s like being born, but backwards,” Rita moaned as the NEO pressed on inside of her, meanwhile River had a palm mashed against her own groin. Seeing was fun and all, but looking without touching was a special kind of torture. She’d have to do a lot of touching once this was all over. Thankfully she knew exactly what Rita looked like now.

Meanwhile Rita was jerking with pleasure at the tiny hovercraft fumbling around inside of her. Squeezing her thighs together, she could feel the pleasure building up, and River’s camera could see that her walls were getting shinier, slipperier, practically glowing with her juices.

“Oh god!” She cried, and suddenly the walls clamped down on the NEO. River gasped, fiddled with the controls, but was ultimately powerless to stop Rita’s pussy contracting around her. Alarms were going off inside the NEO, and the machine was slowly getting pushed backwards, but Rita was having the time of her life as a bomb of pleasure went off inside of her.

River and the NEO were washed out of Rita, and some windscreen wipers let her see the aftermath as Rita came in a heap on the floor of Professor Mirror’s office.

River hit a button and returned the NEO to its proper size, and returned to see Rita still on the floor looking dazed with pleasure. Spreading her knees across Rita’s waist she went in for the kiss.

Two teens made out on the floor of Professor Mirror’s office. Cleaning the NEO could wait til later.
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