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my life with the gods
A promise forged in steel.
Kept by the promise of the gods.
Odin the allfather.
I will worship the god of war untill my last breath is taken away by the blade pearced into my body killing me with a final blow.
I will fight for Odin.
He is my destiny, my god sent word to the wise.
I will keep my promise to the gods, and dying breath.
And so, i will die fighting among the best in my clan.
I will go to Valhal, to feast with the gods, to tell the stories of my life.
I will tell them of my struggles in life, and impress them with my strength.
As i am one with the gods, they will see me as the killer of evil.
As the savior of mankind.
I will sacrafice my life for the gods.
And for those who are worthy.
If my purpose is to die for the people, i will gladly give my life for those who need it more than i.
for i am but the humble servant of the gods,
and i will give my life for the gods.
Odin, allfather. Give me the strength to endure lifes struggles, and in return i will give you my life.
All of my strenghts belongs to you, the allfather. The king of gods.
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