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This is the story of my life.
This song sums up my life more than any song I've ever heard. I do not feel desperate, but I am unfulfilled and always searching for the magic to change my life. That Ah-ha moment that you see in movies or even on television commercials. The song is about a person afraid to commit, to settle down in one place. He's afraid to love, and he doesn't realize he is running in the opposite direction of happiness. He has met the ones he could love. The ones who will love him back, but he always chases the unattainable, the ones just like him. He's indecisive; that is why he's on the fence that the lyrics tell him to "come down from." I see people post questions about the meaning of this song and right or wrong; I know I understand it because it's about me. I have lost my highs and lows and often ask myself, "Am I supposed to feel good right now? How come I don't feel good right now?" Then there are the "fine things" that "have been laid upon" my table. Some marriage proposals could have opened doors for me. Others could have given me security, and I only wanted the ones I couldn't get. All my adult life, I've been on fences, not refusing to let anyone love me but refusing to love anyone back. In the song, The Eagles tell the guy to "come down from your fences, open the gate." They tell him to let somebody love him before it's too late." He might still be on those fences. I know I am.
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