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One step forward, two steps back.
The Entity

"I don' like this," grumbled Malusk, sharpening his longsword.

"I don't like it much either," replied Skrie, glaring at the orc. "But I believe the entity. We go back, we replace the items, and we get out with what we have left."

"Geordo won't be happy about that," said Theren, gazing at the objects lying in the silver box. "These pieces alone could make us rich."

The four adventurers had fled Nemeadamore after stealing the silver box out of the broken tower. Upon opening the box, they saw the magical ritual pieces. Skrie knew without a doubt that these were objects for which Geordo was searching. But she couldn't risk an evil entity taking over this valley, not and keep her deity. Evil wasn't part of her nature--well, except for some well-placed revenge, that is.

"Yeah," the halfling shot back, "rich won't help us if we're dead, now, will it?"

"But how do you know for sure?" asked the elf.

"Because," the diminutive cleric said, looking up at the wizard, "I felt the presence of my goddess affirming the message. And I am not about to ignore a warning from her."

"Oh," answered, Theren.

Turning south from the forgotten temple, the group headed back to the crypt that had almost killed them.

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