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by Nono
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This is my what if scenario
In the digital world a girl thinks about what happened to her becoming how she was. She remembers another girl and a boy hoping to save her but not being able to. 'what happened to the others?' She thinks just standing there unable to move. In her peripheral vision she saw two figures
frozen in place. A little girl and a boy.'Tai? Kari? Oh no! no no NO!!!' Sora was now panicking but still unable to move. 'Wait how long has it been? Months? Years? Wher- wait! I hear voices.' "There! Sir we found something!"called a man's voice she didn't recognize. " There's two more down here!" Called another. In her perifial she saw people in heavy snow gear examining her and her friends. Were these friends or foes? She didn't know but she felt she could trust them. "Bring them back to base and we'll work on reviving them." Said the man who appeared to be in the lead, this "Sir", the others had mentioned. Before she could think of anything else, she realized she was being moved as were her 2 friends. Where she was head next no one knew.
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