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The life of a teenager trying to find her identity in a world that tries to fit in.
I was sitting in my room, staring out the window. Eyes fixated on the trees outside. There were no leaves on them due to the weather. Oh how I missed the way they looked in spring. Maybe that's how some of my old friends felt about me. I was like that tree, I used to have leaves and blossoms of red and peach but now I was dry and dull. Lifeless in a sense, you could say I had become bitter just like the winter. My once peachy skin pale due to the lack of sunlight. My personality changing based on the crowd or people. The constant changing and molding of myself took the energy right out of me. Making me confide to my little corner of the world, away from everyone. There, I could be who I wanted to be, free to decide my own destiny. But even there I could not feel joy. For what was life without people, without sunlight, without laughter and new discoveries. So I sat there staring out of my small window hoping to one day find the courage to make my way back to the world. To home...
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