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short story about a girl and a monster
A silent scream filled the room. Faces turned, towards each other then to the girl. The girl who danced and jumped and seemed to fly, now froze. The fear shone like spotlights in her eyes. Yet what made everybody hold their breath was the inaudible scream left in her mouth. Her features the perfect example of terror. When her face finally relaxed the fear in her eyes remained. A few people dared to carefully glance to what frightened the girl. Her stare locked on the left exit of the theater. There, in the shadows the exit sign casted, stood a human like creature. Huge wings and cunning golden eyes let everyone know it most certainly wasn’t human. The creature looked violent yet harmless. It was ready to attack yet waiting. Somewhere one of the people that dared to glance its way started screaming. The sound seemed to awake the room like a spark that lit a fire. Everywhere people started screaming and running. People got runover and beaten while trying to flee. In all the chaos the girl never broke her stare and the creature didn’t move and inch. Like a raging river the people flocked to the right exit. Within twenty minutes just the two of them remained, a scared girl and a terrifying monster. In the utter silence produced by the soundproof theater the girl finally regained consciousness.

My mind is empty, too empty. The silence rings in my head. I can’t take my eyes off of it, that beautifully terrifying creature. I am drawn to it. It feels like we’re connected, like there’s a tether between us. My mind is still empty except form those feelings, except form it. My body is like a foreign casing, a pod I can’t control. Before I can think I’m walking toward it. I’m not afraid just shocked. Though I know I should flee like everybody else I can’t help myself. I can’t stop my legs or break my stare. In a terribly slow step I draw closer and closer. Just a feet away my legs halt. Staring in its eyes I can see its soul. All my worry disappears for now I know its true nature. Me. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, my inner demon came alive.
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