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A brief bio from college years as an art student...love and love of art
"Colored Footsteps"

September, you remember the moment
         in art lab
When we met
         that first blink of time
         our eyes smiled
So it was

In the shades
         of magnificent magnolia trees
         still, campus sidewalks bustle
         students hustle to and from classes

Yet, remembering then a long time ago
         we gathered with friends
         in a gallery and art studios
Late night refreshments and giddy chatter
         at a popular diner
Our hearts sang with cicadas
         beneath a Kentucky autumn moon
So it was

Or eyes continued to smile
         as paint brushes danced
         across freshly gessoed canvases
Lithographs revealed stained fingers
         and intricate ink designs
Exquisite jewelry
         made from silver and copper
The forming of pottery
         as slabs of clay rose into shapes
Our hands created sculptures
         with wire and plaster of paris
         in the lab where we first met
So it was

Graduation punctuated the time
         with blue and gold music
         university pride
And a promise of new ventures
         exciting careers awaited us
Separate roads were taken
         each following dreams
So it was

Smiling eyes and singing hearts
         colored my footsteps
And so it shall always be

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