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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2267211
Lisa grows an infinate bust
The sky was the limit. That was Lisa's first thought when she heard about Yani's offer to grow her. She didn't really get why her friend's power existed, but why bother figuring it out when she could just have fun. Yani stood beside her grinning hugely. As she was a dragoness, that made it a huge grin. Lisa considered the possibilities. "I don't want to outgrow the town because then I couldn't see anyone, but I wouldn't mind an infinite BE." Yani's grin gets even bigger if that were even possible. "Just the bust?", she asks? "Yes. Just the bust, Lisa answers." Yani places her claws on Lisa's chest and surges. It begins to swell at a steady rate, getting as big as a pair of beach balls and sure enough ruins her shirt, but Lisa didn't care. She caresses her growing breasts enjoying the sensations of the skin expanding and pushing against Yani. Yani chuckles contentedly as she is enveloped and begins licking them with her rough, long tongue. Lisa moans in pleasure as as her chest swells to massive proportions.
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