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A seed can be planted in the child so it can bear fruit and save the village.
Once upon a time, there was a mother who gave birth to a baby that looked different from them. They couldn't distinguished whether it's a boy or a girl. They are not even sure if the baby is a human! The villagers believed that the baby was a miracle. And it really was!

The whole village would go see the baby and take care of it because they believe that this baby will save their town from drought. Soon after, the baby grow up and became a child. It started talking and said, "You can plant a seed in me! I don't know how long it would take for the seed to grow, but it will definitely bear fruit."

The mayor of the village was delighted. She talked to the villagers and ordered them to get the best seed they have. After that, they will choose which seed they would plant in the child. All of the villagers were overjoyed except the child's mother. She asked her child, "Are you sure this will not put you at risk?"

The child smiled and replied, "No, mother. This is also how I can show my gratitude to the people of this village!"

After careful consideration the villagers decided to plant an apple seed in the child. They would sometimes gift the child woth toys and snacks. They are all expecting the child to be their saviour. And all of them treat the child preciously.

Many days passed that turned into months and three years but, the child and the plant didn't grow a bit. Its appearance also didn't change. The villagers are all wondering what's wrong. The mother of the child is the one worrying the most.

The mayor decided to ask the child, "Is the seed planted in you even growing? Did we do anything wrong while planting the seed?"

The child sadly replied, "No, the seed still hasn't grow. And I don't think there's anything wrong with what we did."

The mother looked at her child with pity and replied, "Then what could be the problem? Because you're not also growing older."

The child bow down its head and said, "I don't know..." The mayor decided not to question the child anymore and told the villagers to just wait patiently.

However, many years passed and the seed never grew, nor did the child. The villagers became really impatient and mad because their village was just getting poorer and poorer every year.

One of the villagers decided to hold a meeting for everyone to talk about the child and the seed. He said that the child is probably a curse and not a blessing! Many villagers agreed with him and they all come into agreement to chase out the child in their village.

The mayor opposed the decision but she can't do anything anymore so she decided to tell the mother of the child. The mother went straight home and told her child, "Go take your things and run away because they might harm you."

The child was scared but still managed to talk and said, "Come with me. Let's run away together."

The mother walked her child to the backdoor and sadly replied, "I am sorry my child but, your mother is now old. Go on and find your new home. I wish you happiness."

The child gave its mother one last look and left the village with tears in its eyes. It started its journey to find its new home. It walked and walked but, couldn't find a place to become its new home.

After some years, it finally found a small village. It started walking to the village and sat on the ground to take a rest. As the child was looking on the village it reminds it of its past village.

The village is also small and suffering from drought. It suddenly realised that it misses its mother. It misses the old villagers that were so kind to it. It misses its home.

With thoughts of the past and feelings of loneliness, the child started crying. It looked up and asked, "If I were not born differently and if this seed was not planted in me, would I be happy?" The child kept crying until it was tired and eventually fall asleep.

The next day, the villagers of the village that was seen by the child caused a commotion. The mayor of the village hurriedly went to see the cause of commotion. And to his great surprise, he saw a very huge tree with bright red apples!

The villagers keep shouting, "We are saved!" And truly they are! They noticed that the ground can be now used to plant trees and different kind of seeds. The villagers wondered what could have happened but, no one knows the reason.

The mayor suddenly remembered the story that was told by her mother. There was once a child who had an apple seed inside of it that they planted to save their village. Unfortunately, there was no different child that was seen or heard. The mayor believed that the child had returned to their village to keep its promise.
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