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This is the story of Lilli_in_fl and what happened when her beloved coffee was gone.
Please check: "QOTD: Friday, February 11th"  . This is where I got my idea.

If coffee was wiped off the face of the universe...

There is no more coffee.

At first, it didn't seem so bad. Lilli was on her laptop, writing a story, when she was down to her last drop of coffee in her mug.

She wants to make more, but as she enters her kitchen, she can't seem to find the coffee grounds, instant coffee, or any kind of coffee of the matter.

She starts to hyperventilate. For Lilli, coffee is like the air we breathe, God has forbid her to live without it.

She decides to calm down, knowing that panicking won't save her, and thinks that she probably forgot to get some the last time she went grocery shopping.

She picks up her laptop and looks for her favorite brands of coffee online, desperate for any store to have it in stock. She realizes the urgency of her situation when no store seems to have any coffee for delivery or pick-up.

She doesn't give up. She puts on her coat, shoes, and she grabs her purse, as she heads out to go to any restaurant that holds coffee, no matter what cost.

At this point, if Lilli couldn't afford to pay for it, she was willing to steal.

She goes to McDonalds, Dunkin, her local gas station, and everywhere nearby. They've all told her the same thing, which is they've ran out of coffee, but they have non-caffeinated beverages.

Lilli realizes the situation is out of her hands. She grabs her phone and dials 911, stating her emergency.

After a couple of minutes, an ambulance arrives and the medics tell her to lie on the medical chair, so they could start diagnosing her symptoms as they drive to the hospital.

As the medics ask Lilli questions, she answers them the best she can, and she talks about what has happened within today.

The medics ask her if she had watched the news. Lilli tells them she hasn't, as she was busy writing her story, and one of the medics takes out their phone, and shows her the YouTube video.

Lilli gasps in shock of what she was seeing. The President of the United States was giving bad news, claiming that all the coffee in the world has gone and they have tried searching for more out in space, but they haven't found anything.

She knew her life was over. Now she was at the hospital, but she wasn't going to get any better news.

The problem was that her body needed coffee and it was slowly dying without it.

The medics told her, that she had only 12 hours to live, and that it was mainly because she overexerted the leftover amount of coffee she had in her body while she was looking for coffee for 6 hours straight.

Lilli starts to cry as she realizes that the reality of her world's ending.

She decides to go all out for the last 12 hours. She prepares a goodbye for her family, a party in a hour, and she does whatever Lilli does in her personal life.

In her finally minutes of her life, she's on her deathbed, her family and friends by her side, and her body feeling like a disintegrated, dried up coffee bean.

At her funeral, you can see her grave, and the message underneath states,


*DoB* - 2022*

She was a brilliant writer who was funny, kind, and cool.
She didn't deserve to die. The world had murdered her when it decided to get rid of its coffee and the universe didn't even try to save her.
She was born from coffee and she died without it
Her mother called her, "My little coffee bean".
Farewell, Lilli
I hope there's coffee down there.

Lilli wakes up in her own bed and realized that it was all just a dream. She releases a sigh of relief and decides to go make a cup of coffee.

Until she realizes that it is all gone. *Smile*
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