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A google translate of the title will help with the ending if your clever.
Alexandre Bernard dug his heels into the battle-torn earth. His hands shook on his rifle as he saw the oncoming wave of German forces flooding across the French borders, blood red flags with Swastias branded on them carried by men shouting at what remained of the French forces. He stumbled down below into the trenches and looked at his brothers, those who had survived thus far.
He looked back at the Germans, continuing their ruthless advance. As the British flag bearers were shot, Alexandre gave new orders to his. They dropped the french colors and adopted a white flag instead. His men, seeing what he had done, looked at him with eyes filled with horror and disgust. Alexandre sighed and dropped his rifle. The rest did the same, not dropping their gaze from their failed general. Alexandre looked not at those he had failed, but at those he had been defeated by.
The nazi tanks rolled slowly over the battlefield, going out of their way to crush the flagpoles of their enemy. As the trenches were overrun his brothers were rounded up and forced out of the tunnels. They were lined up and shackled while the nazis held Alexandre in front to watch. The Germans surrounded the outnumbered French and said nothing. Silence fell and a decorated Nazi officer grabbed alexandre by the shoulder and forced him down to his knees the officer grabbed alexandre´s hair and bend his head back so all alexandre could see was the cloudy sky and red blotchy face of the Nazi.
The officer crouched down still holding alexandres head back and whispered so only Alexandre could hear, “keine Kapitulation”. He then stood and shouted to his men “schießen!”. The rifles tore through the air and bodies crumbled to the ground like ragdolls. Alexandre squeezed his eyes shut so the tears had no escape. He felt cool steel touch his exposed neck and knew what was going to happen. In his final breath he uttered a prayer that was never heard over the blast of the gunshot, and the laughter and cheers of the Invaders.
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