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1st ROUGH DRAFT     



    The sky was clear and blue, towering palm trees lined the cosway as they waved in the hot breeze. Amy loved riding in Tim’s blue rag-top convertible. The wind felt so good through her hair, she felt free and alive as she tilted her head back and took a deep breath of the air rushing across her face. Exhaling all of her worries, if only for a moment.  The week always seemed to go on forever until she could see him again on the weekend. Going to different colleges across the state made it seem like torture and every minute spent together turned into cherished memories. Oh no, here comes that dreaded Sunday evening racing towards Amy like a Mac truck and it's hell-bent on crashing into her joy.
I’ll just bury myself in my books until next Friday, she thought, trying to find a way to make the time go by faster. Before I know it, I'll even have a grade point average to brag about to stuck up Laura Farnsworth, wow, where did that come from? Amy wondered as she began to doubt her own integrity.

“Just drop me off at the library,” said Amy.
“Sure babe, call me tonight,” Tim said as he turned right on Dover Street.
"You know I will," said Amy, "It's on the top of my list, handsome."
She loved that Tim looked like Kurt Russel, her mind went somewhere else, remembering that she had once been told that she resembled a young Sally Field. Funny how people like to use movie stars and famous singers as references to compare someone's looks to. She mused to herself as a jolt brought her thoughts back to where her body was.

The car jolted when they drove over a small pothole that was unavoidable.
Tim pulled in front of the library at the University of Miami.
Amy got out of the car, she wished they could have more time together.
“Friday will be here before you know it," said Tim reassuring her.

Amy noticed he got lost for a moment in her beautiful long hair as the sun danced through her curls. The long kiss helped, but the feeling of bliss was short-lived.
Amy could hear the zooming of Tim’s engine fading away as she climbed the white marble steps. The clicking of her shoes got the attention of the waiting librarian.

“Hi, Mrs. Collins,” Amy whispered.

“Hi Amy, your criminal investigation book arrived today”, said Mrs. Collins, quietly.

Mrs. Collins saw Amy’s eyes light up,

“That was quick,” said Amy.

“You are in luck, your major is highly pursued, it should have taken longer.”

    Amy handed her school card to Mrs. Collins. Suddenly, the National Civil Air-Raid horn sounded, assaulting their ears. Amy and Mrs. Collins froze. In a flat second, everything changed but no one knew how or for that matter why yet.

  Amy rushed out of the library, leaving behind her book and everyone's cell phones screaming in concert. Two minutes later, she was at her dorm room door hands shaking and not doing well at getting her key into the keyhole. It took real focus just to get the door open she was still shaken up couldn't get that loud dull hum out of her head that she heard when rushing across campus. Fear rushed through her, a feeling Amy hated, it made, her heart race, her palms sweat and incapacitated her ability to think rationally.

“No! I will not be controlled by something they teach us is an emotion but is really an external enemy,” she exclaimed loudly, reinforcing her ability to brush off the unwelcomed fear. Guess I better calm down, she thought, turning on the television and taking a deep breath she exhaled, and her heart began to gradually slow down. She knew she wouldn't be any good to anyone if she gave into fear, least of all herself.

"This is the Emergency Broadcast System interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you critical information. The President of the United States has issued the Nationwide State of Emergency urging everyone to take shelter immediately. Do not attempt to cross state lines, blockades have been placed at all points of exit in order to contain the situation. Stay tuned to this station for further updates."

She imagined some people were rushing to their computers to find out what was happening, she saw others turning on their televisions where they found all programming interrupted and alerts lit up cell phones, she could almost hear it, that alarming sound still fresh in her mind, Nonetheless, when she remembered the images of what she saw on the way to her dorm, Amy yelled at the television,

"What's happening?", becoming aware of her eyes getting wide. Feelings of disbelief swept over her.
"But it's too soon," she found herself talking to walls that had no ears nor even cared.
What Amy saw on the way to her dorm-room shook her to the core. It's something many people don’t deem possible or even believe in but she knew that someday this would happen 

                                            CHAPTER 1

The Arrival

The small dorm room she had tried to make as homey as possible began to shake, CRASH! Her head whipped around, and her eyes landed on her prom picture on the floor, the frame, and glass broken into pieces.

    Feeling helpless and confused by the fact that the government had not prepared its citizens, she stumbled to the window and looked out. She could not believe her eyes! A round craft about the size of a baseball field diamond crept across the sky moving north towards Miami International Airport. Screams filled the air, screams like Amy had never heard before.
She ran outside to get a better look and a man ran by her shouting, “Come back, wait for me!” at the craft and running after it as if he believed he would be beamed onboard.

    Reaching in her pocket she pulled out her cell phone and called Tim when a red car crashed into a mini-van speeding on Ponce De Leon Boulevard. A woman was thrown from the car, and she sailed through the air. Amy heard the woman's body hit the ground and skid until it was stopped by the curb. Amy looked away and started crying, walking back into her dorm room was no consolation. She closed and locked the door as Tim answered his phone.

“Amy, are you alright?” said Tim.
Amy could hear he was out of breath as if he had been running.

“No, a huge UFO just flew over my dorm Tim, it shook the building!"
She turned on the speakerphone and laid her phone down on the nightstand and blew her nose.
“Have you been running; you sound out of breath?”
she asked sniffing and picking the phone back up.
“Yeah, I was at the store when they showed up over here, I didn’t take my car so I ran back to campus,”
"Are you still in the library?" he asked.
"No, I'm in my dorm room, I ran over here when the Air Raid Horn went off."
“Stay where you are, I’m coming to get you, baby.”
“Please hurry, I love you.”
“I love you too, Amy. Hang tight baby, Bye.”

Amy tried to call home, she needed to hear her parent's voices, but her phone had lost its signal, which stressed her out even more. Not being able to reach her parent's made her begin to wonder what has been happening with them and instead of worrying she chose to believe they were not in any danger. I’ll try again in five minutes.

    By now there were 7 crafts over the area and Amy’s confidence in the government continued to shrink. She remembered reading an article about how Putin encouraged the people of Russia to build or buy bomb shelters, whereas here, in the States, our government did not seem to care at all, instead we are indoctrinated to depend on FEMA and Amy knows what the deal is with FEMA, she has done her homework. All her life she has had a deep need to know the truth, which is why she ended up majoring in Criminal Investigation. Amy hates lies and injustice and doing something about it is what a criminal investigator does.

Wondering where they would go and trusting Tim, she opened the door of her closet and grabbed her bug-out bag,
“I knew this would come in handy", she said as she put the large burnt orange-colored survival bag on the bed. It had everything in it; some water, water purification tablets, survival food packs, a life-straw, a survival knife, paracord, a fire starter, and a slew of other gear that you just can’t make. Thank God Tim is majoring in medicine, she felt grateful as she added 4 extra bottles of water from the fridge to her collection in the bug-out bag and shoved some personals into the big front pockets.

    Amy smiled to herself because she knew how to survive if she loses the bag. Thank God for Youtube survival videos and survival books, she thought. Amy had considered wilderness refuges in the past and had taken a shine to the Ozark mountains because they were the choicest mountains and are not too far from Florida; it's about a fifteen-hour drive.

    She put some extra batteries for her short-wave radio in a side pocket in her bug-out bag and turned up the Tv, hoping she wouldn't hear any news about gridlock and if so, where. Where would anyone run to, anyway? This is definitely not an evacuation situation. The Emergency Broadcast said it's nationwide, so, we need to at least be on our way before the President implements martial law.

The insanity outside her door continued. The many disturbing sounds made her begin to prepare herself for what she had to face when they would soon make their escape from the pandemonium of the city. Amy thought about the first months she began to study survival techniques and the conversations she and Tim had. Tim wasn't too happy about leaving the city, although he did agree it was the best chance someone would have to survive a widespread disaster whether natural or unnatural.

Amy turned her attention to the Emergency Broadcast, “...and advise the public to seek shelter and avoid any behavior that would add to the current state of panic. Rescue teams and local police are being dispatched to as many areas as possible to restore order and help those in need of assistance. Manpower is short-handed and all areas may not receive the help needed. Those who have any specialized training are asked to call the number on your screen for instructions as to where you can be posted.
Temporary loss of cell phone signals lasts as long as any unidentified craft is in flight in the vicinity of cell towers. Keep trying if you are having trouble getting through. Service is being restored after the departure of the unidentified crafts. So far, there has been no contact with the occupants of these UFOs. Hundreds of missing person reports are being filed. These reports are believed to be connected to alien abduction, stay tuned for further updates as the situation develops. All military bases have more crafts above them than any other area. Do not attempt to go to any military bases if you have family stationed there. The situation is critical, and non-emergency travel is not advised.
There will be no evacuations yet the following rescue stations have been installed for anyone wanting to make their way to them for injuries or supplies, but it is not advised because criminal activity is rising at an unprecedented rate. Do not leave where you are unless it is a matter of life or death. Please do not go to your local hospitals, they are filled past capacity and will not take in any more emergencies.”

“Oh my God, are they serious!” she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She tried calling her parents again but all she got was a recording saying to try her call again later deepening her need to hear their voices. Amy thought about the prayer she had prayed earlier and chose to trust God because she knew that worry would not help her parents and would show God that she did not really trust him, after all, knowing that faith moves him.
"Heavenly Father, thank you for protecting my family, in Jesus' name Amen," she prayed again, trusting in the mercies of God.

Tim finally made it, he ran up to Amy’s door and began calling her name and desperately beating on the door. She ran to it and flung it open. They threw their arms around each other. Amy had never been so glad to see anyone in her whole life. Tim closed the door and locked it.
“Things are getting really bad out there, I was afraid I would never see you again, Amy.”
He kissed her and smiled, relieved that she was finally in front of him and not hurt. Tim turned around and looked out of the window to check on his Boxster Porsche.

"People are stealing cars..." he said, preoccupied.

“What’s it like in Boca?” Amy asked.

“The same,” said Tim.

“This is like something right out of a movie!” said Amy,

“Yes, it sure is and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon,” said Tim.

“Have you seen what they’re saying on the Broadcast yet, Tim?”

“Yeah... I’m not calling in to offer my services. I have to take care of you, make sure you're safe,” he assured her.

“Where should we go?” Asked Amy.

“Remember when you said you wish we had a place out in the Ozarks for emergencies?”

“Yes,” said Amy.

“Well, we have one now, I had it built on a secluded parcel with a freshwater lake full of fish, a garden with vegetables, fruit trees, and some berry bushes. I have had a watering and fertilizing system powered by solar panels installed. All we have to do is prune and harvest. The whole place is self-contained, off the grid. We're set, Babe.”
Amy was surprised and relieved, "That’s great!" She said, she could feel a heavyweight lift off of her.  Tim comes from a wealthy family, old money at that. She also knew that Tim does not want to use any of his trust fund on anything else but college. He wanted to prove he can make it on his own.

“I had to, babe. It was obvious we were headed for something like this, something big, and when I saw you stocking up on survival gear and watching survival videos...well, you kind of woke me up. Amy could not hold herself back any longer, she threw her arms around Tim and gave him a big kiss. She felt lucky to be with Tim. They spent a little time getting ready to travel, finishing up packing the last few things to take along.

Time passed...

They showered and rushed to get dressed. The Emergency Broadcast was now playing on a loop. Amy surmised they have either abandoned the station or they won't say anything more than what already has been said. Either way, she knows not to trust them anymore and has resolved to stop depending on them altogether. It was six-fifteen, and it was time to head out. Tim loaded her bags into the trunk. Amy grabbed her photo album and a few more supplies she knew they would need and put them in the back seat. When she looked around, it seemed a lot of people had gotten off of the streets. She walked back inside to say goodbye to her once cozy dorm room because she didn’t know if she would ever come back here again. Walking back outside she looked up at the sky, her eyes locked on a UFO. "Just make yourself at home you jerks," she thought. Amy never had liked any of the whole UFO thing, she knew they were not here to become our friends.

    Amy let out a short sigh of relief but that's about all the craft would let her have, that was, by now about three hundred yards away. They were hovering now, still not being aggressive. It was a sinister sight that she hoped was not prominent in the Ozarks.

“Is that it?” asked Tim.

“Yep, let’s go,” she said,

getting in the car and closing the door of the eighty-thousand-dollar convertible.

“Looks like most everyone has gone in,” said Tim.

“Hopefully, it’ll make the trip bearable," said Amy, turning on the radio and scanning the channels. All she could get in was a lot of static and only a few lonely stations were actually broadcasting, and they were reports of bad news. One station was airing the Emergency Broadcast loop. Unable to get any real answers created an uncomfortable silence between the determined couple. So, Amy inserted a CD into the player and the sounds of Creedence Clearwater Revival filled the car reminding them about “Suzie Q”.

For the first time since Amy saw that first the crafts and heard that awful hum, she felt like she was going to be okay. Tim always made her feel that way, safe and loved. That is something that’s very hard to find in a world where the love of many has turned cold.
Amy looked at Tim and put her hand on his leg, "I'm grateful you're in my life, I would be scared and alone back in the dorm if it weren't for you," she said.
"I was just thinking the same thing about you, Babe."
Tim turned left and got on 959, turned right on 836, and turned left on 95 North. Along the way, Amy noticed that the few people that were on the streets now were avoiding the crafts, ducking into buildings and hiding behind hedges and bushes whenever they flew overhead. They drove by a man that was running from a larger craft; he froze, trying to move, but somehow was unable to. All of a sudden, a spinning, cone-shaped light came out of the bottom of the UFO and enveloped him. Instantly he was gone.

"Did you see that?!" Amy asked.

Tim had his eyes on the road at the time.

"No, what happened?" he asked.

"A man was just abducted. A light shot out of the bottom of a huge UFO, and he disappeared. It looked like it was at the speed of light."

"That's terrible," Tim said as he sped up.

    After driving for a while, a woman with long black hair and disheveled clothes was holding a little boy's hand while walking along the side of the road. She rushed her son behind a building to hide as a craft approached. It hovered right over them 200 feet from the ground. Tim came to a stop, turned off the lights, and backed up enough to see what was happening. The little boy began to cry. The woman seemed to be unable to run or even move as if the craft had the power to paralyze her. The woman closed her eyes tight as if she was hoping that would be enough to make it leave. It didn’t.
A bright light shot down from the bottom of the craft and all of a sudden, the woman yelled,

“Go away in the name of Jesus Christ!”

The craft disappeared into thin air.

And now, silence...

Amy looked at Tim, Tim looked at Amy and Amy said,
“I knew it! I knew it all along, the aliens are demons!” said Amy.
Tim didn’t say anything, and he began to drive again. Amy could see that he was thinking about what had just happened and she gave him all the time he needed to process what he had just experienced. Finally, he said,
"I don't think that's what happened, I don't believe all of that religious mumbo jumbo, but you know I love you and I respect your beliefs, Babe.
"What she said, that's called spiritual warfare, I've heard about that. Looks like it really works," said Amy.
"There are at least four billion people on earth who cannot do what she did. The days ahead are going to be a nightmare for so many people," said Amy.
Her heart went out to the human race, she felt helpless and wondered where she would be this time next year or If there would even be a next year at all.

The road was long, and Amy decided to not press the subject. They drove for a while with an awkward silence that she didn't like. Amy began to realize how tired she was. The drive was lulling her to sleep. She reached under the side of her seat and let the seat back a few inches. It was a tight squeeze, but she drifted right off.

Amy woke up 4 hours later at ten-thirty-eight p.m. The radio was on low. A man on the radio continued, “Here is that list again for the rescue centers...”
Stretching she said, “Are we almost there?’
“We have 11 more hours to go, baby. There’s a rescue center about 85 miles up the road. Get some more rest and I’ll wake you when we get there.”

“Okay,” Amy said still half asleep.

Twenty minutes later, Amy was yanked out of her sleep by a loud noise. It was the loud hum of a craft racing up behind them. Tim put his foot on the gas and pushed the Porsche as fast as it would go. A deafening noise came from the craft as if it blew its horn at them making Tim swerve to the left. He lost control of the car, sending them through the guardrail and speeding down a hill. Amy screamed...

                                                            CHAPTER 2

A Little Help

... the car hurtled down the hill. Tim slammed his foot on the brakes and the car skid on the embankment into the Halifax River. The car stopped at the edge and began to slide into the water. Tim looked over at Amy, she was knocked out. The front end began to slowly sink, as the car slid into the water. Tim pulled the emergency brake, the car stopped. Water had begun to fill up the car. The top was up, the button was not working and his door would not open. The water was moving up to his stomach. He reached over and straightened Amy up in her seat. Tim grabbed the window frame and pulled himself up and out of the car window.
  He swam around the front of his flooded Porsche and tried the door handle on Amy's side of the car, and it opened. Tim pulled Amy out and carried her to the edge of the embankment where he gently laid her down. Her feet were in the water as she lay on the bank of the river, still unconscious. Tim pulled her eyelids back and checked her pupils. They were dilating. He took her wrist in his hand and checked her pulse; it was slow by nine beats per minute but stable.

"Amy! Tim shook her...

"Amy, wake up!" he said, out of breath.

Her chest was moving up and down, but she would not wake up.

Tim gave her a few quick slaps on her cheek to rouse her and she began to come around.


"What happened?" she asked.

We were chased off the road by a UFO. How do you feel?"

"The top of my head hurts."

She rubbed her head.

"I feel dizzy," said Amy, laying back down.

Tim limped over to the car, opened the trunk, and reached for his doctor's bag. It was in the back wedged in the door of the trunk. Reaching further in, the trunk door came open and the bag floated into the back seat. The car began to go further into the water. Tim reached through the driver's side window and pulled the emergency brake tight and got his bag out. He checked her head; she had a minor laceration.

"Is it bleeding?" asked Amy.

"Just a little bit. I hit my head on the roof too when we went over that big bump, but we'll live," said Tim.
And he smiled at her.

"You have a mild concussion, Babe. I want you to take it easy for a few days."
He reached in his bag and opened a bottle of some eight hundred milligrams of Ibuprofen tablets.

"Here, take these."

He handed her two and a bottle of water.

"Will these get me high?" she asked with a grin.

They started laughing.

"It's just prescription Ibuprofen," said Tim, still tickled.

"Now, hold still," Tim said in a gentle voice.

He put a small bandage on her wound and checked his left leg. It had jammed against the door during the accident, he had a bruise on it about the size of an orange.

"Thank God we weren't killed," said Amy.

"Let's move to under that tree over there," said Amy.
They sat there for a while, watching the occasional craft go by. Amy looked around, "Where are we? she asked.

"Daytona Beach, we're still a long way from the Ozark's, and the car's done," said Tim.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Amy.

"Wait," said Tim.

"Wait for what?" asked Amy.

"A little help, if no one comes by soon I'm going to find another vehicle," said Tim.
That doesn't sound good, she thought imagining him leaving her by herself while he searched for another ride, but kept it to herself.

"I'm hungry, aren't you, Honey?" asked Amy.

Bring the bug-out-bag when you come." she said.

"What did you bring to eat?" asked Tim.

"How about some beef stew and crackers?" asked Amy.

"That sounds good."
Amy tried to sound optimistic but wondered if they had enough food to last until they got to their new homestead. She brushed off the doubts, she knew worry would not help the situation they were in.

"I knew you would like it. Remember when you told me how much you love beef stew two years ago when you were working on your bachelor's?" asked Amy reminiscing.

"You remember that?" asked Tim.

"Yeah, Tim, I remember what you were wearing when we met. Those black Levis, your baby blue Polo shirt and black Beachster sandals", said Amy.

"Do you still remember what I had on?" she reluctantly asked.

"How could I forget that purple dress you had on, you looked so good in it," said Tim and he put his arms around her and kissed her.

Tim grabbed what they could carry out of the car and sat down next to Amy under the looming Bald Cypress.

"You really shouldn't be lifting anything for a while. you can carry my med bag, okay?
Before they had a chance to eat, they heard an engine approaching. Tim stood up and limped over to the road he waved at the car, and it pulled over. He limped up to the passenger's window. I hope they're nice, thought Amy, watching Tim limping around. She didn't like seeing him hurt and it hurt her inside to see it.

"You two alright? asked the man with a husky voice and a strong southern drawl.

"We had a run-in with a craft. It ran us off the side of the road and into the river," said Tim.

"You need a ride outta' this mess?"

"Yes, sir. We sure do?"

"Where Ya'll headed, son?" Asked the driver.
He was an older man with short salt and pepper hair and a mustache. There was a woman sitting in the passenger's seat, looking worried.

"We're...my fiancé and I, are trying to get to Missouri.

"Well, hop on in. We'll take you as far as Greenville, Arkansas."

"Thank you!" said Tim.

He helped Amy into the back seat and put their bags into the back.

"Let's get a move on young man, the city ain't the place to be no more."

Tim got in the back with Amy and the minivan peeled out, leaving tire tracks behind it.

"I'm Tim Chadwick and this is Amy Collins."

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Travis and this is my wife Jolene," said Travis.

"So where are you kids from," asked Jolene.
"I'm from Pennsylvania and Tim's from New York," said Amy,

"We both moved down here for College," she said.

"That's smart, the more schoolin' the better. Ain't that right Travis, Honey?" said Jolene.

"You bet your bloomers, Honey. Ya' know Tim, I've got a farm, but you better believe we put three of our kids through college," said Travis proudly.

Tim looked in the rearview mirror at Travis, it looked like his eyes were glowing. Travis looked in the side view mirror and when he looked back at the road they were not glowing anymore.

It must be that bump on my head, thought Tim, hoping that was the case. Amy had fallen asleep, her head resting on the side of the door.

"You like music Tim," asked Travis.

"Yes sir, I do.

Travis put a George Strait CD in the player and turned it down low. He noticed when Amy went to sleep.

They drove through the night, the heavens lit up by more than stars as the unwanted invaders made their own highways in the evening skies. Dawn finally came and the sun rose but did not hold the promise a new day held only a day ago. The warmth and brightness on Amy's face woke her up to a growling stomach and the realization that the day before was not a dream she had just woken up from. Tim was still sleeping when Travis pulled into a rescue station set was set up at a Wawa. Military vans and trucks were parked in the parking lot, a large army green tent was pitched on the side of the store. Amy touched Tim's arm and he woke up, wiping the drool from his face. No one was talking, they were all taking in the strange scene.

"We would like to treat you to breakfast and gas if that's alright with you," said Tim.

Travis pulled up to pump number five and told Tim to get him 4 Sizzle breakfast sandwiches and two large coffees or whatever he could get

"The van needs twenty-three gallons, Son," said Travis.

Amy needed to stretch her legs and went with Tim.
Everything cost double the price. When they came out of Wawa's a soldier stopped them.

"Where are you folks headed?"

"We have a place in the mountains," said Tim.

"Private Harris."

"Yes, sir! said, Harris.

"Bring these good people a supply package."

Harris hurried to a table and brought back a package wrapped in beige paper tied with white string and handed it to Amy.

"Thank you, sir," said Tim.

"Thank you," said Amy.

"You are welcome, have a safe trip," said the soldier. He walked back over to the tent and went inside.

They walked back to the minivan where Travis and Jolene were waiting. They got about thirty feet from the van when Travis roughly threw his arms around Jolene, she screamed as a bright flash filled the van and they were gone...

                                                            Chapter 3

Wake Up Call

Amy jumped in and they drove off unnoticed. It was a long grueling drive on that empty stretch of highway. It finally started to look like they were getting closer to their new home. Mountain ridges graced the land, it was rich and green. Amy let out a sigh of relief when they passed the Arkansas state line.

"Welcome to Arkansas," said Tim. He looked at Amy and they both smiled at each other relieved to finally see the state sign.

"It won't be long now before we are in our new home," said Amy.
Amy's thoughts turned to the magnitude of the situation, and she had begun to wonder what triggered the arrival of the unwanted invasion.
“You know, Honey, I've been wondering what brought all of this on, what were the unseen events that led up to them coming," asked Amy twirling her hair with expertise around her fingers while staring off into space, she was deep in thought.

“I mean, think about it, what would be the purpose of this type of unnatural disaster?” asked Amy.

“It’s obvious the motives of the government are beyond the point of being criminal. The question is what is all of this for?” asked Tim.

“I have been thinking the same thing, but I didn’t want to say it. I am glad we are on the same page, Tim,” said Amy.

He pulled over and looked at Amy,

"I need to get some sleep babe; will you take the wheel?”

“Sure, honey,” said Amy.

She got out and walked around the car and Tim got out. A loud bang rang out not far away, from straight ahead. Amy and Tim jumped back into the van. Tim did not waste any time, he took the wheel, turned the car around, and headed back the way they came.
Johnny Abbot pumped his shotgun and squeezed off another round.

“Let's see if you devils bleed!  I ain’t scared of you,” yelled Johnny.

The craft hummed, it hovered above the sinister being. The pellets deflected off of the grey, instantaneously, light shone down from the craft enveloping the alien, and beamed it up into the hovering craft. Johnny looked at the craft that was only thirty feet away. It coasted toward him.
Johnny aimed his shotgun at the craft that was now directly above him and in a split second Johnny was gone. Tearing through the evening sky the craft headed straight for Tim and Amy. The occupants knew the humans had turned their car around.
Tim and Amy were flanked by the vast countryside as far as the eye could see, there were no buildings and nowhere to hide.

“There's a UFO right behind us,” said Tim.

“Don’t speed up, maybe they will keep going,” said Amy hoping Tim wasn't going to panic.  A crossroad was coming up, Tim hung a sharp right, the craft was right on their tail. Tim shoved his foot down on the gas and looked for a way to lose the craft. Tim was going ninety mph, but the vehicle was no match for the craft.

“What are we going to do!” asked Amy.

“I don’t know!” said Tim.

He jammed the pedal to the floor, but the engine stopped, and the car began to slow down. Tim and Amy looked at each other, they knew the UFO had killed the engine. The minivan finally came to a stop.  The only sound was the sinister hum of the craft. It moved forward twenty feet and faced Tim and Amy.

In a quick motion, Tim reached across Amy's chest and locked her door and then his.

The craft sat there...

Amy and Tim stared at it. The familiar light shone down from the craft to the ground and left in its place a Grey.  Amy and Tim were terrified, Tim was sweating his heart racing. Amy looked into the big black eyes of the alien and said,

"You don't belong here, get off of my planet!"

As if it could hear what Amy said, the black-eyed being stepped in front of the car and raised its left arm, and pointed at Amy. A black beam shot from its finger and the van was swept up and violently hurled through the air. Amy's scream rang out across the plain as the van flew one-hundred feet. The Grey smiled a wicked smile as the van hit the ground with a loud crash landing on its rear-end, the front wheels crashing down on the road. The grey was beamed back up into the craft.  The craft glided over to the wreckage, Amy and Tim lay slumped in the van unconscious. A bright light enveloped the van and swept Tim and Amy away. The craft left the area at the speed of light, gone in the twinkling of an eye. That night, all that was left of Amy and Tim was smoking wreckage somewhere on a dark road in the heart of Arkansas.

The sun rose above the horizon of the Ouachita mountains. The future of mankind was hanging in the balance, and the nation’s governments were ill-prepared. Citizens everywhere looked to their leaders whose abilities to lead were found to be lacking in a world that was toppling to the ground. Three percent of the population was prepared for a disaster in the United States. Some people had a plan and headed to the mountains, some had bunkers that they had built and stocked in the previous years. Most of the country was still in a state of shock, as was the whole world.

Amy opened her eyes, her thoughts were unclear, and her head was throbbing, sitting up she realized she could not move. Her thinking became clearer as she looked around for Tim and saw him lying on the same type of narrow table across the huge, darkened room. It looked like the walls had been painted with black matte paint, her heart sunk, and so did her confidence. The aliens must have brought us here while we were out, she thought. Amy looked down at her body as it lay on a cold hard surface four feet from the floor. This isn’t a gurney ...she began to struggle. Why can't I move? she thought.
Tim moaned; he was waking up.

“Amy!” he yelled, he thought they were still in the car.

“I’m over here,” she said, her voice echoing.

He began to realize they were not in the car anymore. Tim tried to get up, his right side ached, he discovered he too was paralyzed by some invisible force.

"I can't move, it feels like something is on top of me!" he said.

Tim began to sweat as he desperately struggled to get free.

"I tried that already, it didn't work," said Amy.

“We have got to get out of here,” said Tim.

The sound of the door opening and footsteps approaching made Tim stop struggling.

A man wearing a white doctor’s coat stepped into the dim light.

“Hello, Tim and Amy. My apologies for the unfriendly positions you both find yourselves in. You are not in any danger, in spite of the circumstances you both are experiencing. Cooperation would be in your best interests at this time and will assure more favorable accommodations in the near future,” he said.

“Who are you and Where are we?” asked Tim.

“I am Dr. Green. You are in a subterranean facility in the Ouachita mountains, you are still in Arkansas,” said the scientist.

“How far down are we?” asked Amy.

“Three and a half miles, to be exact,” said the scientist.

“Why have we been brought here?’ asked Tim.

“All of your questions will be answered in time. All of your needs will be taken care of and compliance will be rewarded and rebellion will be punished,” said Dr. Green.

Dr. Green turned around and walked out. The heavy door closed and locked behind him. Chills ran through Amy, it sounded like a prison door.

“Oh my God! We’re never going to get out of here. These people are crazy!” said Amy.

“We can't give up hope, Amy. We need to figure out what is truly going on here, so we can come up with a plan,” said Tim.

“Okay... that's the only thing we can do, it’s time we did some waking up,” said Amy.

The door opened once more and a man in a black jumpsuit with red trim walked in and began to approach Amy. Oh God, what is he going to do to me, Amy thought as he pulled out a small device that looked like a cell phone. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.

Amy's body relaxed and she was free. He walked up and took her by the arm.

"Come with me, you have been selected to participate in the Monarch Program. Step this way", Miss Phelps.

“Tim!” yelled Amy.

“Where are you taking her?” Tim yelled.
The door closed. Tim wondered if he would ever see Amy again. He began to struggle to get free, an electrical shock shot through him.

“Don’t hurt her or I promise you...!” Tim yelled at the red light he had not noticed before up in the corner on the left side of the room.

“I know you’re watching!” He wondered who or what was on the other side of the camera.
Tim braced himself for another shock and was relieved when it didn’t come. All the while Amy was being transported on a nuclear-powered, jet-propelled train to the other side of the Ouachita Mountains.

“Where are you taking me,” she asked once more.

“You are being transferred to the ninth level,” said Logan.

“Nine floors below the surface?” she queried.

“No, nine levels below the one you were on, you were on the third level. Your destination is level twelve,” he answered.

At this point, Amy knew the only way she was going to escape would be by divine intervention. She tried to mask her feelings of helplessness.

“So, what's your name?” said Amy pretending to be unafraid.

There was a long pause, and then finally,


“This may sound crazy, but... I feel like I know you,” she said hoping he would buy it.

Logan kept quiet. Amy noticed that at every stop there were armed guards that flanked the entranceways on the sides of each tunnel. They wore black uniforms, carried automatic rifles, and were cold-faced. They looked like androids and their blank stares were unnerving to Amy. She felt naked without Tim, helpless.

"This is it," said Logan.

Amy did not get up from her seat right away and Logan yanked her up by her arm. She knew the time for chit-chat was over. The train's white pristine double doors swooshed open, and Logan and Amy stepped out. There was another man standing there at the entrance dressed in the same outfit Logan was, he walked into the entrance ahead of Amy, Logan stayed behind her. There was no room for error in the way new arrivals were handled. One left turn led into a corridor with rooms on both sides. Amy could smell something burning, she couldn't make out what it was. The sound of electricity came from another room it was like the sound of a taser but louder and Amy heard a man crying out in pain. The next door had loud laughter coming from it. The voice of a child saying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..." came from the next room. Amy was glad the doors were all closed but that did not stop the realization that she was in a living nightmare.

God help me I'm in an underground nuthouse, she thought with abject horror but she dares not speak a word. The man in front of Amy stopped at a yellow door on the right and put his hand up to a small panel a small red light turned green. Beep. The door opened and he motioned for her to go in. Amy was never so afraid in her life, she did not know what to expect and could only hope she had the strength to face it. The room was white and looked like a hospital examination room.
A woman dressed like a nurse that seemed to be waiting for Amy smiled as Amy walked up to her.

"It's going to be alright, dear," the nurse reassured her.

Something was evil about the woman's kindness, and it only made Amy want to run. There's nowhere to run to, she thought, Amy was trapped...

                                                        CHAPTER 4

The Escape

…Closer and closer the menacing nurse slowly walked over to Amy with a bone-chilling grimace; “You don’t need to be afraid, I’m nurse Dupont and I am here to help you.”Logan was watching on a monitor, he zoomed in at Amy’s face suddenly his cold stare instantly melted away, what was going through his mind?
Nurse Dupont took Amy by the arm and pulled her over to a gurney.
“You’re hurting my arm,” said Amy, reaching to try to loosen the woman’s clutches.
Slapping Amy’s hand away, “Be a good girl and I will give you a lolly when we’re done. Just then Logan walks in.
“You are to go to room 17, I’ll take over from here.”
“But I want to do this program,” the nurse whined like a spoiled child.
“Go now nurse Dupont or you will be taking this young woman’s place!”

Dupont scurried out in a quick shuffle. The door shut behind her.
Logan turned to Amy and said, “I’m getting you out of here.
“Oh thank God,” said Amy; she sighed deeply and she felt a heavyweight lift off of her and she could breathe again.
“Don’t mention Him just follow me.
Logan lead Amy down a long tunnel, looking around making sure no one saw him he said, “Wait in here, it’s my station, no one will dare come in.
I’ll be back with your friend.”
“Why are you doing this? Asked Amy.
After a long pause..”It’s me, Amy…”
She looked deep into his eyes, quickly studied his face.
“Yes, Aim it’s me.” The coldness was now gone, but he still had a hard look about him.
“I’ll be right back,” he said closing the door.

Amy couldn’t believe she would ever see cousin Loogie in a horrible place like this, he used to be the one that everyone confided in, trusted. She wondered what happened to make him end up this way, and wondered if she would be able to find out or if she would ever even see him again after he got her out of this living nightmare. All that mattered is that she would be in Tim’s arms in a matter of minutes. At every moment she has been wondering what Tim was going though, what they were doing to him. If she would ever see him again. God is with us she thought, that’s for sure.

As the minutes slowly dragged on her mind went back to that psychotic nurse. “What was she going to do to me?” She puzzled.
Probably Monarch Programming for control. It would be better to die than to have that done. The human mind can’t fight that kind of extreme abuse.
Amy had read about what they do to people down here. She knew in her heart that God would rescue her somehow in spite of the terror.

Just then, the door began to open and Tim rushed in a hugged Amy tightly.
“Let’s go,” Said Logan
Stealing a kiss the shaken two followed Logan to freedom.
“Keep your eyes on my heels and look scared and we’ll get out of here,” Logan assured them and they did exactly that. He took them through some 
Smaller corridors and unguarded tunnels. It was darker than the big tunnels, it was a long way. After about one hour they could see daylight.
“Light! Said Amy.

“This is as far as I go,” said Logan, “Don’t go out at night, that’s when the Demon crafts hunt for people to snatch and bring them here.
Amy gave him a quick hug, “Thanks Loogie... for saving us, will I ever see you again?
He handed her a satellite cell phone and charger.
“Take this, push the red button, that will send me an alert and I’ll call you as soon as I am able. Be smart and you’ll survive, Aim. Take care of my cousin Tim.”
“I will.” Said Tim.
Logan turned around for the long walk ahead. It was then that he realized he didn’t want this anymore.

Focusing his gaze down the damp tunnel before him, silhouettes rushed toward Logan. An overwhelming wave of panic swept through him knowing the punishment for betrayal is swift and brutal.  Running would be futile, there is nowhere to hide. Logan stopped in his tracks waiting for them.

At the same time, Amy and Tim were getting their bearings.
"Look," said Amy "There's the minivan."
She pointed at the abandoned vehicle. Getting behind the wheel Tim checked the gas gauge.
"It's out of gas. And the battery is dead," he said with disappointment in his voice.
"The UFO killed the engine, remember?" asked Amy.
"We'll have to get another one," Tim said matter-of-factly opening the trunk.
"Here's your bug out bag babe, Are you okay?
"I'm still a little shaken up, but I'll live... So, we should head that way towards the Ozarks," Amy pointed with a head gesture, her hands full.

Grabbing his medical bag Tim closed the trunk, "Let's go."
Walking north on highway 55. Just then, a hand grabbed Tim's shoulder and swung him around.
He locked eyes with a guard from underground, he was wearing that ominous black military uniform and Tim's heart sunk but Amy remained steady,  grounded in her faith.

"Going somewhere?" Said the guard grabbing Amy by her arm and throwing them both to the ground.
Tim hit the ground hard, his forehead scraped the asphalt. The guard jammed his knee into Tim's back and handcuffed him. Another guard handcuffed Amy and stuffed them into the back seat of a black matte hummer.
The guard behind the wheel radioed in,
"We're headed back with Phelps and Anderson."
"Your orders are to take them straight to Intake Room X19." The ominous dispatcher barked out.
"In route, out." He said eyeing Amy and Tim in the rearview mirror.

It was a long silent two hour and forty-five-minute drive back to the underground facility located not far from Polk County. During the trip back Amy and Tim were both wondering what would happen to them after they got back to that awful place. Amy bowed her head numerous times, the guards thought she was sleeping but Tim knew she was praying and that made him hopeful, he had seen God answer many prayers for Amy in the past and he was sure the King of heaven was listing to her every word.

The hummer made a left turn onto a narrow rocky road flanked by the Ouachita mountains, it pulled over to the side of the road next to high bushes at the side of the mountain, it felt like a lonely place. A guard got out of the passenger front seat and walked over to the vine-covered mountainside and stuck his hand into the vines. The beeps of the code he entered into the security panel could be heard. The vines parted as a double door swooshed open.  He walked over to the right side of the entrance where there was another set of double doors they were clear blast-proof and had an iris scanner on the right side. The stone-faced guard walked up to it and put his face close to the pane. A green light overhead gave clearance the doors opened and he waved the hummer through and got back in.

To be continued...

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