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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2267615
Lisa's breasts grow their biggist yet!
Lisa smiles as her breasts continue to outgrow the city. Her chest had already dominated her side of town. How long would downtown last? Not long, as it turns out. The skyscrapers put up some resistance before toppling like dominoes. "More! Bigger! Don't stop!" she shouts as if Yani's magic needed encouraging. Her chest obliges, growing even faster. Her torso is lifted into the path of planes as they crash into the twin orbs. Her chest now covers the state, now the country. The moon is pulled out of its orbit and the planet cracks under the weight. Soon they are dwarfing Jupiter, then the sun. Nebula become her new bra. At long last they expand to every part of the universe, her tits bigger than galaxies. They should have stopped growing then, but they would not be denied. T hey pushed against the fabric of space time, expanding into the past and future. All of reality was now her chest and that reality would continue to grow forever. The twin universes were happy at their size and plumpness, she was happy.
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