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Enjoy the ride. It's BRIEF.

It's not where you're going;
it's not how you travel,
for that's only part
of the life you unravel.

Why fritter away
precious time self-improving,
concerning yourself
with your feet as they're moving?

Try crying a raindrop
or breathing a cloud.
There's humbling silence.
There's living life LOUD!

There're holes to leap over
and rocks 'pon to trip.
There's life to be drunk down
or nursed sip to sip.

You've laughter and anger;
there's joy and there's sorrow.
They're here for your present
and not for tomorrow.

For you ought to know
that tomorrows are schemes
devised by the Grinch
who steals Christmas and Dreams!

So where's your foot going?
To which far-off place?
Don't ask me; I'm busy.
There's Life on my face!

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