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After bullying her brother with her feet, Roll learns what goes around comes back around.
         Before exiting his room, Rock looked to his left. Then the right. No sign of danger, for now.

         Roll was still, well, on a roll in the past five days. Her new schedule consisted of giving Rock a heavy dosage of her feet whenever possible. And every time, Roll made sure that her feet had a natural odour. No flowery scents, no honey-like aromas. Pure foot smell, even harsher than that of a human.

         Rock made a dash to the stairs.


         Roll pinned her brother to the floor, trying to force her wiggly big toe in his mouth. A giggling beast she was, contrasted with Rock’s panic. The moment his tongue met her toe, the robot boy yanked one of Roll’s medium-sized boobs.


         And off she went, caressing her tit.

         Rock gritted his teeth. “Could we please go a day without you being so… mean?”

         “I am NOT being mean,” Roll scoffed. “I’ve got every right to punish you for stressing me out.”

         “I haven’t said a word about your gross feet in days!”

         Roll clapped. “Yay! Now we get to go through this for another full week.”

         Another week!? Rock wanted to collapse then and there. Five days of smelling Roll’s toxic feet was bad enough. But now, this was going to continue for another nine days. All while the boy was expected to suck it up.

         “Now, kiss my feet. Apologise for calling them gross.”

         With curled fists, Rock scowled at his sister. Getting on his knees to kiss her feet was such a blow to his joy.

         Mwah! Mwah!

         “I’m sorry for insulting your beautiful feet.”

         Roll pinched his nose with her toes before skipping off as she hummed a little tune that she made up about Air Man.

         She commented, “I think I’ll wear tighter socks tomorrow. Reports show they’re excellent sources for causing that toe jam substance. Yummy, yummy~” Roll then made a weird noise with her tongue.

         Okay, Roll. We’ll see about that, Rock thought, heading to the bathroom to wash his face.

         The shower’s volume rivalled that of an automobile engine every time, yet Roll continued to sing as the water pelted her.

         Rock having to lick her dirty sock lint would significantly escalate her series of punishments. It didn’t matter that they’d almost completed a week of this sick game. After Rock did nothing but hurt Roll’s feelings for no reason, the boy got everything he deserved.

         When he’s sleeping tonight, he’ll still get my feet in his face, she thought, scrubbing her armpits.

         Roll reached for a crimson towel and dabbed herself dry. Then, walking into the main room of the bathroom — the room with the sinks and where she’d typically set her clothes — something was off.

         Where were the clothes? Roll’s red pyjamas were nowhere to be found. Not on the sink, not on the towel racks, nowhere. And she had already dumped her dirty clothes down the laundry chute.

         As she paced the bathroom, the robot girl slung her towel on the rack. If not for Doctor Light’s bizarrely strict policy about towels remaining in the bathroom, she’d have walked out covering herself.

         “I guess I forgot to bring them today,” she sighed.

         Unfortunately for the girl, she had but one option: sprinting into her room naked before anyone could get a glimpse of her butt. In four winks, she made a beeline to the bedroom.

         Now inside, Roll slumped against the metallic door. Little did she know that the strangeness was only just beginning.

         As she checked her closet and dresser drawers, there was nothing left but the odd string here and there. Her older red dresses, her preferred red and black long-sleeved attire, and even her experimental clothes vanished! All that remained were her various footwear.

         The walls of her mind rumbled. What is going on!?

         Who was the most likely candidate to pull a prank like this? Especially given current circumstances…

         It wasn’t long before Roll stormed into Rock’s room, nearly pulling the door off its tight hinges. She stood with her arms crossed and the biggest pout she’d ever had.

         Rock lay on his bed in his own loose pyjamas. Contrasting with the rest of his blue clothing, his white socks boasted orange and brown stains. Of course, only a boy would lie in bed with that. Rock’s dismissive nature to cleanliness would’ve pissed Roll off any other day, but it was his smirk that dug under her skin.

         “Cute bush,” he chuckled.

         Immediately, Roll’s hands blocked her nether regions. “My clothes?”

         “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

         Angering Roll was a hard task in general, yet somehow Rock got her to the point where he was walking on thin ice.

         “Is this funny to you?” she asked.

         Rock yawned. “Alright. MAYBE I was a little mad. MAYBE I didn’t want to lick your nasty toes. MAYBE I went in the bathroom, which you don’t lock most the time, and took your pyjamas. And MAYBE, just maybe, I sent Cut Man all your clothes to snip-snip-snip them in little bits while you soaped your forest.”

         At that moment, Roll’s internals could’ve crashed and stalled. All her iconic and beloved outfits being turned into confetti? Just because she made Rock suck her toes one evening after HE was in the wrong? Okay, multiple times, but this was too much!

         “Rock,” she murmured. “Please make Doctor Light shut me down for a while because I don’t wanna do something I’ll regret.”

         Her brother’s smile persisted. “Or I could call Cut Man to make sure he doesn’t ruin your stuff. But first—”

         “Please!” Roll dropped to her knees. “I’ll stop putting my feet in your face, okay?”

         “I’m not finished.”

         Confused, Roll watched in shock as Rock shoved his socked feet to the end of the bed. Wiggling his toes and puckering his lips, the boy sang, “Get to work~”

         So, that was what this was about. The yellow-haired girl’s face scrunched, for she couldn’t handle the idea of smelling her sibling’s feet. Yuck, imagine the licking! But between this and letting Cut Man destroy her lovely attires, this option was the lesser of two evils.

         I could tell Doctor Light and get Rock in hot water, Roll thought. But that won’t change the fact that Cut Man’s probably already cutting some of my stuff!

         She accepted defeat, pulling herself to the end of Rock’s bed. Both of his feet slammed on her naked lap. Even if socks covered them, Roll shuddered as her hands massaged the boy’s feet. They were just as large, if not bigger, than her own. Without a doubt, they were wider.

         A satisfied Rock sunk into his pillows, waiting for the show to begin.

         When Roll gave one foot attention, the other played with her body. It would stroke her thigh, slap her side, or worse, slap her exposed boob. The sock’s brutally rough texture only added to the discomfort. After all, if Rock hit her too hard, he could damage her.

         On second thought, maybe telling Doctor Light is the smarter choice.

         Compared to when Roll had Rock under her control, this session of serving Rock’s feet had less direction. For now, he rarely commanded Roll.

         With such freedom, it was up to her to determine what the best actions were at any given time. So, her foot massage switched to planting kisses on the bottoms of Rock’s feet. The warm yet loose sock fabric made Roll’s lips and nose tingle like crazy.

         “Don’t they smell awesome, Roll?”

         Rock pushed his foot further in the girl’s face. Trying to breathe normally, Roll found herself enveloped in a terrible odour. And this was just the sock! What hellish smell lingered underneath?

         “They smell nice,” she mumbled, rubbing the foot against her cheek.

         Right now, she was in no position to make snarky jokes. If Rock was copying from her behaviour in the past days, he’d give her a violent kick the moment she made a slick remark. So, Roll simply kissed the tops of Rock’s socked feet. The best strategy was anything that would delay him from making her touch his bare feet.

         “Hey. I got feet under these socks, you know.”

         And now, her nightmares evolved into a reality. Sighing, Roll plucked Rock’s socks off. Her eyes shut tight, and it only took a second before she dove to the side of his foot. Giving swift licks there, she replicated the action along his sole.

         Once her tongue hit the middle, it was clear that she wasn’t just licking feet. Sure, a little sock fuzz was expected and consuming it wasn’t the worst thing. Even a human could stomach this stuff with enough experience. However, it went from tiny specks scattered distantly to two or three thicker chunks.

         Is this normal?

         Roll’s vision re-engaged, and the sight wasn’t pretty.

         In between and under Rock’s toes were bouts of toe jam that Roll herself planned on having the following day. It resembled a jungle of greyish white fuzz, sweat, body grime and dust. Days like this were when she wished she hadn’t been programmed with the five human senses.

         Although in reality, only the left foot truly disgusted her. The right foot, while no picnic, was far cleaner overall. Even still, licking toe jam? Blech!

         “What’s wrong?” Rock teased, curling his toes. “You said toe jam was yummy~”

         “I-It’s so much…” Roll squeaked.

         “Eat it! You want me to give the okay to Cut Man?”

         The troubled girl gulped in preparation. She didn’t wish this on her worst enemy. To get the left foot out of the way first, her tongue crawled between two of Rock’s tiniest toes. The grimy residue, therefore, latched on like an insect. It tasted sharp to the girl, like spoiled cheese mixed with dust, complemented by an unpleasant fuzzy texture.

         With a few tongue movements back and forth, she brought the muscle back in her mouth.

         “Swallow,” Rock commanded, rubbing his right foot on Roll’s cheek.

         It was too thick to swallow in one gulp, though. Feeling her insides ready to burst, Roll swished the toe jam in her mouth, chewing it.

         It’s like chewing on fatty meat. Ugh…


         As it slithered down her throat, she knew she had to go in for another helping. After all, she would be naked for quite some time if she didn’t work harder.

         Rock couldn’t quit laughing. The sight of his sister licking his toes was pure comedy, for she looked so helpless. A nice taste of her own medicine in his eyes.

         “I think we can officially say you’re good at cleaning EVERYTHING now.”

         After Roll slurped down the remaining bits of toe cheese like noodles, Rock’s cleaner foot pushed into her face.

         Because of its less cluttered properties, Roll felt the sheer stickiness of Rock’s feet a lot better. They were warm, yet once her face jammed into them, they felt cool. On the upside, the girl could get her tongue between more of his toes with ease. It was now like licking the cream off a cookie. Not nearly as sweet, mind you, but far superior to the toe jam infestation of Rock’s left foot.

         “Tell me you love it!” Rock demanded.

         Roll rolled her eyes. “I love it…”


         The boy aimed straight for her mouth with that kick. Now the ball of his foot had an extra bit of saliva dripping.

         “How about you sound like you mean it?”

         Jerk, Roll thought. Overacting to the max, she sucked on all five of Rock’s toes while moaning at an insanely loud volume. So loud were her moans, they could be heard through the walls.

         “I love your feet Rock! You have beautiful soles, and your toe jam tastes so divine!”

         “Why thank you,” he giggled. “It’s been cookin’ in those socks for hours, you know.”

         Hours!? So, Rock was in his pyjamas, yet he never changed out his socks. Did he even shower in the first place? That was the last thing Roll wanted playing through her head.

         Once Rock’s toes were drenched, Roll licked his right sole from top to bottom. Overall, not as icky as licking the toes. The soles slid up and down Roll’s tongue with such smoothness that it was like licking an ice-cream cone. Especially along his arch, the girl could make her tongue work magic.

         It became natural for Roll to suck his big toe every time she reached the top. Interestingly, despite the longer toenails and disgusting toe sludge, Rock’s feet weren’t AS bad as she envisioned.

         Rock’s not even a girl. So why are his feet trying to compete with mine?

         In terms of softness, the siblings’ feet were equal. Roll even tapped her own foot to compare. And since her toenails were unpainted today, the two’s feet were far more similar than different.

         As she tasted Rock’s left sole, Roll stared into his aqua-blue eyes. He was having the time of his life dominating her with his wrinkling feet. His not-too-different-from-her feet.

         However, no matter how comparable they were, the scents were night and day. Roll’s feet really smelt like old cheese at their worst. On the other hand, Rock’s feet had the odour of… a different kind of cheese.

         I can’t put my finger on why or how it smells different, she thought while sniffing his drier heels. Do his feet even smell worse than mine?

         She smelt his feet harder, even going between his toes for a few whiffs. While some of her saliva masked the odour, it was still prevalent enough for Roll to get something. Interesting still was that once she started sniffing, stopping was becoming a challenge.

         “Alright,” Rock said. “Get on the floor.”

         Panting, Roll obliged. This was the first time she thought to wipe the sweat off her forehead. Who knew licking feet was such an intense activity?

         Rock forced the girl on her back, telling her that he would kick things up a notch. What did this entail? Roll was clueless until one of Rock’s giant feet stepped right before her breasts.

         “Ah— Rock!”

         “You’re fine,” he insisted, hovering his left foot over her face.

         The boy’s slobbery toes penetrated his sister’s mouth again, and she let out a moan. Not a moan of pleasure, it couldn’t be. More like a groan from the stress, her poor, exhausted body was enduring. Unfortunately, Rock seemed like he could stretch this sick game out for hours.

         How many of my precious outfits are in pieces already?

         Rock wiggled his right foot’s toes on Roll’s nipple before giving another command.

         “Back between the toes. There’s still some gross stuff,” Rock ordered.

         Roll’s grubby tongue slithered between each space, sucking up the tart toe gunk. It pushed back and forth until her mouth tuckered out.


         Despite her eating the substance, Rock repeatedly shoved the big toe in and out. As if it was making love to Roll, the toe got as deep as possible and investigated the poor girl’s mouth. She clenched her fists as it kissed her gums and teeth.


         The worn-out robot spat Rock’s toe out, gasping for oxygen.

         Rock frowned. “Does little Rollie not want her clothes intact?”

         “Rock, please!”

         Her brother got on his knees, reversing positions. His butt faced Roll, and his feet were upside-down. At this new angle, Roll’s jaw dropped upon realising how drenched Rock’s soles were. If the boy told you he covered his feet in skin oil, you’d have to believe him. They glistened above her face, and some spit even dripped off his pinkie toes.

         Roll’s admiring ended when Rock’s right foot landed in her mouth.

         “MMMMM!! MMMMF!!” Roll slammed her fist on her brother’s leg.

         “How far do you think we can get, Roll?”

         While the mass of his foot tore Roll’s mouth from the outside, Rock’s wriggling toes were stretching her mouth to unbearable lengths on the inside. Roll’s tongue seized movement. Rock’s foot had complete control!

         Making things worse for this metallic beauty, Rock tickled her tummy. Not only could she barely breathe and hardly scream, but Roll couldn’t even laugh. Her circuitry could process a lot of impressive stuff, but all these complicated reactions at the heat of the moment? That would kill any human’s brain, and a robot is no different.

         In his mischievous laughter, he remained oblivious to his now-crying sister. In fact, his foot picked up the pace, throbbing and plunging deeper into Roll’s mouth. Rock let out a moan of delight as half of his gigantic foot penetrated the girl. It was a wonder that she could handle this extreme tension.

         Don’t go deeper! Roll’s nails curled into her palms. Please, Rock! I can’t take it!

         “Neat! Think we can get the ball of my foot all the way in there?” Rock questioned, moving his fingers to tickle her genitals.

         Her gagging noises hastened as the foot indeed proceeded six millimetres deeper. Roll’s sucking of the foot got more powerful as her groin clenched and tingled.

         But, and this was a relief, Rock hoisted his foot out her mouth at a snail’s pace. Therefore, he got to relish in the admittedly pleasant sensation of Roll’s lips on his soles.

         “So, THIS is why you liked getting your smelly feet licked, huh?”

         Considering who held all the power in this dynamic now, Rock could insult Roll’s feet without a care in the world. She lay twitching while her own saliva dripped from Rock’s toes onto her chin and neck. What a gruelling experience.

         “Are we done?” she asked, sniffling.

         Rock finally looked back at Roll. While he laughed for a good amount of time, it eventually came to a crawl. A tomato-red shade plastered itself on her face, and her cheeks were sparkling. Not just from her saliva but from her tears that continued to flow after Rock’s foot left.

         He rose to his feet, pulling his sister onto the bed.

         “You okay?”

         Nodding, Roll wiped her face. Anyone could tell she was lying from the dead look in her eyes.

         “So…” Rock paused. “Do you want your clothes back?”

         Once again, Roll nodded. Rock trudged to his closet, activating it open. He left his sister dumbstruck, for all her tops, bottoms, socks, tights and everything else were stacked in piles.

         Roll hid her face in her hands. Cut Man never even had them. Stupid me!

         Later in the night, Roll lay curled in a ball on her bed. Her red pyjamas kept her temperatures warm, but her insides were cold and twisted. Calling her disturbed wouldn’t be a stretch. The lights were still on, and her eyes were wide open. Processing that whole experience would take a few more hours at the very least.

         Knock, knock!

         The girl struggled to straighten her frizzled hair. “Come in.”

         Once she saw who was there, she stopped trying to straighten her hair. All she did was turn to the side with a blush forming in her cheeks. So nervous was Roll, her natural toes curled deep into her soles.

         “You forgot a sock,” Rock said, plopping next to his lying sibling.

         He got no response other than Roll occasionally glancing at him.

         “I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d be in actual pain. Or I just didn’t care. But all I wanted was for you to stop torturing ME with your feet.”

         “I know,” she said. “I’m okay. I’d just like to be alone, please.”

         Rock yawned. “Well, I think we’re equal now. You won’t force me to smell your feet, and I won’t choke you with my feet.”

         “All this only started because you wouldn’t leave me alone!” Roll reminded him.

         No matter how one spun it, there was no way of making Rock look completely innocent in that context. And the look of shame on his face told Roll he knew. He knew she didn’t just snap on him for no reason. Especially when the siblings, prior to the event, had nothing but family love for one another.

         “I was annoyed that day, okay? I should’ve just went to bed,” Rock admitted. “All I can say is I’m sorry. Can you forgive me, or…”

         “I’ll forgive you if you let me rest,” Roll said, staring at Rock’s bare feet.

         The last thing Roll expected was a hug. She shuddered as Rock lay on top of her, the two’s feet stroking against one another. If Rock didn’t move his head, their lips would’ve been touching. The boy wasn’t THAT crazy, though. He was just excited, and refreshingly so for Roll. Both needed some of that old joy that didn’t spawn from tormenting the other.

         As the smooth soles of Roll rubbed against the silky tops of Rock’s feet, Rock let out a giggle. Roll simply embraced the hug and semi-foot rub until Rock jumped off her.

         “Night,” he chuckled with a big grin. Roll gave him a little wave.

         When Rock shut the door, Roll rushed to lock it. No one would disturb her for the rest of the night, just what she wanted. Yawning, she hopped back into the bed.

         The girl stared at the pink ceiling, only tapping her fingers. Then, she got to work removing her pants. After that, her stringy panties also left her body. And before licking her fingers, Roll took a whiff of her own foot.

         Sniff, sniff…

         A warm moan escaped her lips, and the robot girl drove her big toe in her mouth. And drowned out by the A/C, no one in that building would hear her gentle voice whisper, “Oh, Rock… Y-Your feet… Deeper, I can handle it now…”
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