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A piece I recently posted in a discussion on "Social Contract Theory" for my Ethics course
Rights and liberties are simply words created to place humans in a controlled
mindset. The strongest among us, since the beginning of recorded history, have
made a living out of using these words to apply a set of rules and make us think we
are all getting an incredible deal. A prime example of this is our very own Constitution.
While a brilliant piece of literature, it was written in 1787. Since then, the United
States has experienced a multitude of momentous events:

*The Revolutionary War
*The Civil War
*World War 1
*The Great Depression
*World War 2
*The Cold War
*The Vietnam War
*September 11th Attacks and the Iraq War

While there were several other events in between these major turning points, in the
span of 234 years (the timespan between the American Revolution and today) the
U.S. population has grown from around 3.5 million to just under 331.5 million. That
is nearly a 947% increase in population. The same "rights" our predecessors fought
for are still being fought over today. I suppose my point is, regardless of the rules we
put forth today, ten, fifty, a hundred or more years from now, they will be laughably
obsolete. In a perfect world, that would not be an issue. A species as intelligent and
capable as ours would surely see fit to reevaluate our most important control
documents and adjust and update them as necessary. One would think. But, then
again, that is what they would rather we did not do.

People should have free and abundant access to all major necessities. (i.e.,
healthcare, water.) Exceptions to this mandate are as follows:

1. Major drought. In such an event:
o Water will be rationed EQUALLY amongst the population daily.
o Family size or capability will not be taken into consideration.
o Survival and sustainability are the primary focus.

2. War occurring on US designated soil:

o Wounded combatants and children take priority over all other wounded.
o If it determined a wounded individual cannot be saved without gross over-allocation of
resources, they will not be treated.
Food will be rationed and distributed equally amongst civilian populations.
o (Exceptions to this are families with small children or nursing mothers. In such
cases, rations will be increased by 25%)

Taxpayers equally fund public education, regardless of demographic or ethnicity. Higher education opportunities will exist for specialization purposes and are also
funded in the same manner.

The right of civilians to purchase and bear arms. The only exclusions to this are fully automatic weapons and explosives.

Free speech on both live and digital platforms. It is the discretion of
the user or provider of these services to determine the content they see/deliver.

*Example: Someone posts online. Someone else decides they do not like the post and "reports" it. The
person that made the post will not be reprimanded or censored, but the person that "reported" the post will be prompted to unfollow and/or block the person that created the post.

o Exceptions are direct threats toward an individual or institution.
o Blatant and obvious bigotry or degradation of another user with vicious ill-intent toward the

Those that determine the "rules" are chosen by the masses, by popular vote
conducted during an election that occurs bi-annually. Votes are not divided by state
or province. Personal information is only provided to prevent voter fraud. Legal
voting age remains 18.

Those who seek specialized education will be presented with a multitude of
opportunities as they arise. Specializations that do not meet a perceived "demand
threshold" will be made unavailable until demand for professional experience in
those subjects arises.

*Excluded from the demand threshold are healthcare workers, law enforcement, volunteer military,
mass transportation providers, and educators.

As much as I would like to remove the concept of money from society, doing so
would simply incite violent conflict resulting in massive and unnecessary loss of life.
However, depending on specialization, a "wage bracket" will ensure the most vital
contributors are compensated generously. The highest paid, by mandate, would
include, but are not necessarily limited to:

* Educators
* Healthcare Workers
* Law Enforcement

I placed law enforcement on this list because, in this situation, our police and other
rescue teams would receive extensive and continual training throughout their
careers with a goal in maintaining integrity, objectivity, and peace. Obviously, there
are situations in which the last two sometimes do not apply, but an officer will
never instigate violence and doing so would mean immediate removal from law
enforcement with no possibility of retraining or rehire. Law enforcement is a
profession, not a hobby, and should be treated as such.

An actual restructure of society would naturally be far more complicated and drawn
out, but this is an example of what I would envision. Year after year, our society
receives lower quality public education (for the most part), and the cost of private,
specialized education is higher than ever.

Smart bees are not obedient bees.

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