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A wish comes true for Writers Cramp
A wish come true

Sam Adams was a paranormal researcher for the “Cosmos Institute”, a paranormal research center in Berkeley, California. They considered themselves the real “X files” and consulted with governments, corporations, and private citizens around the world. They sent a team to the field to investigate each claim submitted for verification and charged fees for their investigation. 90 percent of the time they uncovered an elaborate hoax. They published their findings on their website,” The Cosmos Institute Investigates – The Truth Is Out There, Really Out There.”

Most times they published a detailed analysis of the claim and their finding which usually stated this is a hoax. Among the claims that they left “ pending” were Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, the existence of aliens.

One of the pending cases that intrigued the world was what exactly happened to Sam Adams, James Jones, and Maria Shah? Where did they disappear and was there foul play involved?

Maria Lee the founder of the institute finally had to hold a press conference to announce their preliminary findings.

She was a plain-spoken woman who carried a lot of respect as she used to be with both the CIA and FBI working in their “X Files” shops – which did exist but were secret agencies. She knew a lot of things that she could not talk about.

She had a team of experienced researchers. But no one knew her true mission.

One of her key researchers was Sam Adams. He had been there since the beginning and she knew that he had some suspicions about their work but so far he seemed loyal and trustworthy.

. One day they received a mysterious package, an old-fashioned pocket watch, a key, a map, and a cryptic note. The note read,

“Open the key in time and find the door to the other worlds. Follow the map to the doorway. ” The map indicated that they were to go to Medford, Oregon and inquire at local realtor in the Medford Town Center shopping mall. They were to speak to Joan Smith who would give them directions to the property and the deed to the property as the deceased owner had willed it to the Cosmos Institute.

They drove to Medford about a six-hour drive and spent the night. Sam was accompanied by his two assistants, James Jones, a black gay man in his late 30s, and Maria Shah, a vivacious immigrant from Mumbai, India who had a crush on Sam.

They met with Joan who told them that all she knew of the property was that it had been owned by a retired Professor McGregor who was originally from Oxford and taught Shakespearian English at Southern Oregon University and the Shakespeare festival for a few years before retiring and becoming a hermit in his abandoned mansion. She had never met him but he had sent them instructions. She recommended selling the property as it had to be gutted but it had killer views and there were lots of interested buyers. Or they could build a vacation rental property and use it for their weekend retreats and staff vacations which a lot of Bay Area companies were doing these days. In any event, she could facilitate a sale and redevelopment.

Sam Adams decided to spend the night. Maria joined him, James Jones had decided to check out the only gay nightclub in the area down in Ashland, a college town and home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

There was power on and some rudimentary furniture. They decided to order pizza and then try the various keys thinking that it was a waste of time and that the institute should sell the property as Joan the realtor had recommended saying that it needed to be a total gut job but it had killer views so should fetch a good price. Sam thought that would be a good investment for the institute which had inherited lots of strange things over the years.

They tried the key on all the doors, nothing worked until they came to a wardrobe. They tried the key and it opened and they saw a tempting sight a tropical beach beckoning them. They walked through the door and disappeared.

They found themselves on a deserted beach next to a ruined castle. They wondered where they were and what to do when they saw a bird looking at them. The bird spoke up and said,

“welcome Humans. We have been waiting for you to return and serve as King of Narnia. Welcome. Come with me.”

Sam turned to Maria and said,

‘God CS Lewis was right Narnia exists.”

They went with the bird to meet the remnants of the old Narnian resistance who were waiting for them.

The next day James came to the property and found the house and vanished as had Sam and Maria.

James reported the disappearance to Maria who told him to tell no one what had happened and return to the institute. When he got there, Maria told him,

James, Sam stumbled upon something that he should not have seen.

“James, Sam, and Maria are in another world, the keys opened a portal, a wormhole of sorts. The Director knows where he is and we will mount a rescue in due course. For now, we will put out a press release saying that Sam, James, and Maria died in a tragic hiking accident. “

“Okay but what about me?”

She smiled and gave him the key and said

“Go back and find Sam. “

He went back to the house and found the house was back. He walked in and turned the key in the wardrobe and walked though and saw Sam there.

He said to Sam,

“well this must be a parallel world.”

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