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A spiritual being is summoned to defend in Earth's universe.
Lord Sareph stood atop the Tower of Brea. The war blighted land below looked like a seething ring of embers. His warrior servants aglow with their holy light. Their evil foes, the Nephilim, were subdued for now. But Seraph knew this was the one of many battles that had ensued for centuries. Though Sareph knew his almighty God would end in victory, he wondered why the war was necessary at all. God was sovereign and in the end all battles in all universes waged against Him would end in defeat; all would acknowledge his rain.

Suddenly a shining being in a white robe appeared.

Sareph went to his knee and bowed. “What word do you bring from His majesty, Gabriel?”

“The universe of Earth needs you. Your second in command, Ifria, will lead war in this universe. You will command a battalion of angels and crush a small band of Spirit Wraiths in a place called New York.”

Sareph looked up curiously. “But I am just a Terrestrial Spirit, inferior to Angels.”

“This mission will make you stronger and wiser to fight the war in this universe.” Gabriel held out a shining blade. “This is the weapon is yours.”

Sareph took the weapon and he felt the power like no other weapon he had touched.

“Now you must depart,” said Gabriel.

In a flash of light, Sareph stood in a dark street. The sky was dark. Only a dim object he knew to be called a moon. In his realm there was always light. Two humans sat on a bench in front of him; they did not so much as flinch or blink at his sudden presence.

“Without a doubt, this must be a parallel universe.” Sareph said.

Sareph walked about. He wished he could converse or interact with the humans. However, Terrestrial Spirits, like Sareph, were forbidden to do so. Only angels could minister and reveal themselves to mankind.

Sareph had been told of humans and their world. They were stubborn and destructive. But the divine Lord loved them more than any other creation.

Slowly, a dark nebulous sphere appeared and took the form of a man. A shadowy mist came from the apparition.

Sareph knew it to be the enemy and he unsheathed a shining blade he got from the angel and lunged for the dark figure.

It moved to the right, dodging Sareph’s blow. The dark foe, stretched forth its hand and dispersed a stream of fire.

Sareph held up the sword and blocked the attack with the force pushing him back.

“You are weak Terrestrial Spirit! I am not even using my full power! We are more powerful!”

“You use your own power! I come with the power of almighty God!” Sareph focused and evoked the power of his heavenly master. Sareph’s sword brightened.

The Spirit Wraith gnashed his teeth and scowled.

Sareph pushed back the fire. He drove it back, closer and closer to the vile menace.

Sareph waited until it was near enough and then made a horizontal strike made a deep wound and dark mist came out.

“This is a small setback. I may go but my allies will vanquish you!”

The Spirit Wraith turned to mist and it was carried away like ashes.

Sareph looked up and saw a chariot of fire descend from the sky and stop on front of him. A mighty angel with a glory like a bright white star, stepped off the chariot. “You are Sareph?”

Sareph bowed. “I am, great angel.”

“I will take you to where the fighting is taking place in a place called Central Park.”

Sareph stepped onto the chariot that was filled with power.

In moment he was taken away to the battleground where the two sides stood at ready.

“We are at your command,” said the angel.

Sareph assessed the enemy formation and the lay of the land. The enemy had the high ground, but Sareph’s side had more tree cover. He would lure the enemy into the tree cover. It was the Spirit Wraith’s move first.

Suddenly they came rushing like waterfall through the trees. Unknowingly, their forces were split into about four droves.

The angel army acted as though they were fleeing. They split into two flanks as the enemy droves filtered into the trees reemerged into one large spot. With a flank on both sides of the evil army, they were soon completely surrounded all around.

“Victory is near, my fellow warriors!” said Sareph.

The Spirit Wraiths in their dark, nebulous forms, were being cut down and squeezed into a tighter crowd. Soon none were left except for the enemy general and a few soldiers.

“I have one trick left!” said the general. He crossed his arms on his chest and he began to expand and grow. He ceased growing at fifteen feet tall and formed four extra hands.

Sareph called for a group of angels to fly for its head but the towering menace struck down each of them. The angel army tried attacking the immense Spirit Wraith, but it was too quick. It jumped into the air and landed, making a trembling quake.

Sareph was glad no humans were present to be harmed.

The dark behemoth swinging and lunging with its hands; it seemed there were no vulnerabilities.

A burst of power flooded through Sareph, and his shine increased ten-fold as did the angels. Where did this cascade of strength come from? He watched as the power of their illumination burned away at the great foe. It was seared until it wasted away like powder in the wind.

The side of light rejoiced and cheered.

Afterwards, Sareph asked where the sudden power came from.

“The Spirit of God prompted that group of people to pray,” the angel said, as he showed Sareph in his mind’s eye, a group of people a little farther away sitting in a circle in the grass.

Sareph learned that night that all of creation has their role. And he fulfilled his.

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