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by Joy
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Philosphical Write-up
Written in holy books that this very attribute would be lost by the end of this era. But, now itself in 2022 it has vanished and only a trace of it has left. Does it mean that the world is ending? I hope no one would confuse humanity and the world. Humanity has already ended. The attribute about which I am talking is none other than truth. Everyone's talking false. One says, I have to go to the hospital when he breaks traffic rules. Law and order is also many times convinced by these lies. Truth is bitter but is the way to salvation and heaven. A lie kills belief and opens the door to hell. Truth is the best policy. Use this weapon and win the reason of life. Now it’s in your hands to use truth as ‘amrit’(elixir of life) or lie as ‘zahar’(poison).
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