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Results For Name Grumpy's New Friend Dice Roll!!
The Results Are In!!

Sorry, this took a bit, the dice were tied up in some kind of game going on at Andre's Banana Bar.

The Die Has Been Cast And The Winners Have Been Chosen For This Part Of The Contest!

*Star* Winning Chance Number Two — Each 1000 Gift Point Entry Donation will receive TWO Raffle Tickets.
Tickets will be entered in a raffle to win a copy of the New Merit Badge Plus 50,000 Gift Points.
What Makes This Little Guy So Grumpy? There will be THREE WINNERS chosen by random virtual dice roll.

And Those Winners Are

Ticket # 213 ~ 👑 pumpkin princess wheeler
Ticket # 1245 ~ Beholden
Ticket # 110 ~ hullabaloo22

Anon-Y-Monkey is writing out your checks, and you'll receive your Gift Points shortly!

The raffle raised 2,377,014 Gift Points – Which Grumpy has not so graciously rounded up to 2.400,000

As Advertised The Proceeds Will Be Going To;

25 % to the Naming Contest Winner ~ TBD!!
25 % to "The Simple Fundraiser ~ CLOSED
25 % to the " Ninja Monkey Group Bank
25 % to "Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar (Okay, okay we're dipping our beaks a bit, but somebodies gotta pay the bills!)

Pubby checked the math and the three groups will be getting 600,000 Gift Points Each. The naming contest winner will be announced after the dust settles and the Miscreants stop fighting.

Thank You Writing.com For All Your Support—YOU ROCK!!
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