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Love story between Shikamaru and a Futa Temari
Story: Shikamaru found out that Temari has a penis, and this is during the time skip.

Temari: Hey crybaby, it’s been a while

Shikamaru: Yeah yeah whatever…

Temari: *Angry*

Shikamaru: Huh?! Hey!! I think I’m taller than you now! Who’s the shorty now?! Hahaha!

Temari: *Shaking*

Shikamaru: Hahaha!

Temari: *Tears up*

Shikamaru: Haha…..

Temari: I HATE YOU!!

Temari: *Runs away*

Shikamaru: Wait!- Man, what a drag…

Temari: Why am I crying?! Now it’s like I’m the crybaby! Am I really that prideful?!

Shikamaru: Seems like you are.

Temari: Ah! Since when were you there?!

Shikamaru: Just now.

Shikamaru: Look, I’m sorry alright. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

Temari: F-fine….

Shikamaru: Let’s go back now, I’m getting tired.

Temari: Ok… Ow!

Temari: *Leg cut*

Shikamaru: Woah hey! You ok? You can’t be walking with a leg like that.

Shikamaru: *Carries her on his back*

Temari: *Blushing* W-w-w-what are you doing?!!

Shikamaru: Just shut up and stay there.

Temari: …..

Shikamaru: *Walking*

Temari: (Why am I blushing? Do I like him after all?? No no no! There’s no way I could like someone like him…. But part of me wants to make him mine….)

Temari: H-hey Shikamaru….

Shikamaru: What is it?….

Temari: Do you think I’ve matured?

Shikamaru: No not at all

Temari: I meant my body….

Shikamaru: Look, you should be careful asking me questions like tha-

Temari: I mean it! What do you think of me.

Shikamaru: It’s a drag but disregarding your troublesome behavior, you’re actually a pretty good person, you just don’t show it enough.

Temari: *Blushing* (I-I do like him after all….)

They then reach Shikamaru’s house.

Shikamaru: There. Should be better now.

Shikamaru: Now I’m gonna go take a nap.

Temari: W-wait…

Shikamaru: What is it?!

Temari: *Reveals penis and boobs*

Temari: I-Y-you can p-p-play with them if y-you like…..

Shikamaru: What are you doing?!! *Covers his eyes*

Temari: I-I-I……

Shikamaru: *Still covering*

Temari: I……

Shikamaru: You what?!! Just spit it out already!!

Temari: F-fine!!!! I like you!!!!

Shikamaru: *Stops covering his eyes* Y-you what?!

Temari: *Blushing* D-don’t make me repeat myself….

Shikamaru: This is a drag….

Temari: For once will you stop saying everything’s a drag!!!

Temari: *Jumps onto him*

Temari: *Realized what she just did* A-Ah! S-sorry!

Shikamaru: …….

Temari: U-Ummmmm……

Shikamaru: *Fondles Temari’s breasts*

Temari: Aaaaaaahnnn~~~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: (Woah)

Temari: Oooooh~~~~!!!!!

Temari: *Staring at Shikamaru*

Temari: Hey Shika, kiss me…

Shikamaru: What’s with the nickname?….

Temari: I-isn’t that what lovers do, or do you not prefer it-

Shikamaru: No I don’t really care.

Shikamaru: *Kisses Temari*

Temari: Mmmmmmmh~~~~~!!!!!

Temari: Mmmmmmmh~~~~~~!!!!!!

Temari: *Penis slowly gets an erection*

Temari: (Im getting an erection….)

Temari: Mmmmmhhhaaahh~~~~!!!!!

Both: *Using tongue*

Temari: (My penis hurts because it’s so hard…)

Temari: *Penis rock hard and twitching*

Shikamaru: Look how big your penis got after only getting kissed. Where’s your pride now?

Temari: S-shut up!!! Y-your kissing felt g-good, I couldn’t help it….

Temari: *Grabs his hand*

Temari: Stick your fingers into here….

Shikamaru: Look, I feel like this is a bit too much, we can stop if you want-

Temari: I don’t wanna stop!

Shikamaru: (Woah) Ok……..

Temari: So just hurry up and stick it in!

Shikamaru: Well ok, here goes nothing.

Shikamaru: *Sticks two fingers in*

Temari: Mmmmmmmmh~~~~!!!!!

Shikamaru: (It’s so soft?! Why is it so soft?!)

Shikamaru: It’s all the way in…

Temari: Now start moving it until you feel something

Shikamaru: What? Ok… *Moves fingers and hits prostate*

Temari: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) OOOOOOOOOOOH~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!

Shikamaru: Hey?!!! Are you okay?!!!

Temari: OOOOOOOH~~~~~!!!! THATS IT~~~~~!!!!! KEEP ON DOING IT~~~~!!!!!

Temari: *Penis twitching and harder than a rock*

Shikamaru: *Massages prostate faster*

Temari: MMMHHHHHHHOOOHHH~~~~!!!!!!

Temari: *Grabs bed sheets*


Temari: *Penis leaking and twitching violently*

Shikamaru: (I never heard her make such sounds like these, wow….)

Temari: IM-IM- IM GONNA CUUUM~~~~~!!!!!!!



Temari: *Ejaculates*



Temari: OOOOOH~~~~!!!! AAHHHNN~~~~!!!! Ooooh~~~…..

Shikamaru: *Takes fingers out*

Temari: NGH~!!

Temari: Haaah~~… aaahh~~…. (This is my first time cumming…. I never knew it feels so good… I want more….)

Shikamaru: I really hit your love button didn’t I?

Temari: Hey Shikamaru….

Shikamaru: What is it *Yawns*

Temari: I-You…..

Temari: I-I l-like….. you………

Shikamaru: And?

Temari: C-can I be…. Y-your g-girlfriend?…… *Blushing*

Shikamaru: Sure. But I’m tired right now so I’m gonna go take a shower and sleep. Wanna join me? I mean you came and all that so….

Temari: *Hugs* Tell me you like me back…..

Shikamaru: What? This is a drag… what are you saying?

Temari: *Stares at him intensely*

Shikamaru: *Sigh* Alright… I love you. There… *Blushing*

Temari: *Really happy* Let’s go take a shower now!!!!

Shikamaru: Well you’re in a good mood.

Temari: *Happy*

Shikamaru: *Takes clothes off*

Temari: *Blushing* S-since when did you have a six-pack?!

Shikamaru: I do? *Looks* Well, I don’t really care.

Both: *Step into tub*

Temari: I never knew you had such a large tub. It kinda feels like a hot spring.

Shikamaru: Yeah, it really does seem like it doesn’t it.

Temari: So ummm……

Shikamaru: This is awkward…. and a drag….

Temari: Say, could you be more aggressive, like not in a mean way, but romantically speaking….

Shikamaru: What? It’s a drag but sure.

Temari: O-ok…

Shikamaru: (Alright, she’s probably gonna think I’m a buffoon for doing this but here goes nothing)

Shikamaru: *Goes over to her*

Shikamaru: Did you ever notice how beautiful you are?

Temari: (//////////)

Shikamaru: *Puts his fingers on her lips* Your plump, soft lips too.

Temari: *Blushing really hard while looking at him*

Temari: (He’s taking it to the next level!!!!)

Shikamaru: (God….. this is so embarrassing)

Shikamaru: It’s a waste if such fine lips go untouched.

Shikamaru: *Kisses Temari*

Temari: Mmmmmmh~~~~~!!!!!

Shikamaru: *Uses tongue*

Temari: Mmmmmmh~~~~~ *Heart-shaped pupils*

Shikamaru: *Breaks kiss*.

Temari: *Breaks kiss, saliva strand*

Temari: Haaaah~~~~ aaaahhh~~~~~

Shikamaru: *Grabs Temari’s legs and splits them*

Temari: !!!!!!

Shikamaru: *Penis revealed*

Temari: (It-it-it’s huuuuge!!!!!)

Shikamaru: *Sticks it in*

Temari: OOOH~~~~~……

Temari: Its my first time~~~~~~~

Temari: Mmmmmh~~~~!!!

Temari: *Penis slowly gets erect*

Shikamaru: (Holy cow it is soft)

Temari: (He’s making me so hard~~~~)

Shikamaru: (Damn, that penis is big alright)

Temari: *Penis rock hard*

Shikamaru: *Penis all the way in*

Temari: T-that was amazing~~~~…… you made my penis so hard~~~….

Shikamaru: I’m gonna start moving.

Temari: W-wait… give me time-

Shikamaru: *Moves hips rapidly*

Temari: (!!!!!!!) AAAAAAAAAAAAH~~~~!!!!!!!!

Temari: (It’s slamming my prostate!!!)

Temari: OOOOOOOOH~~~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: (Damn this feels good)

Temari: AAAAAAAAHHNNN~~~~~!!!!!!

Temari: *Penis swaying side to side in water*

Shikamaru: *Sucks on Temari’s boob*

Temari: HNNNGHH~~~~!!!! M-MY BOOBS~~~~!!!!!!!


Temari: (This is the best feeling I’ve ever had!!!!)

Temari: *Feels so good that she can barely speak*

Temari: *Drooling, head back* MMMMMOOOOOOOOHHH~~~~!!!!!!!

Temari: I-IT F-F-FEELS TOO GOOOOOOD~~~~!!!!!

Temari: I-I-I-IM G-GONNA CUUUM~~~!!!!!!

Temari: C-CUUUUMMMMMINNNNGGG~~~~~!!!!!!!

Temari: *Ejaculates in the tub*

Temari: *Grabbing sides of tub and stomping because of pleasure* NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

Shikamaru: (Wow…..)

Temari: *Semen floating in water*

Shikamaru: *Pulls penis out*

Temari: OOOOH~~~~!!! OOOH~~~!!! Ooooh~~~~…..

Temari: *Semen still attached to tip of her penis*

Temari: I-I came all over the tub….

Shikamaru: I’m gonna have to clean it now….

Temari: S-sorry….

Shikamaru: Troublesome woman….


Temari: *Falls*

Temari: I-I can’t move…

Shikamaru: Probably overworked yourself. Its a drag but I’m gonna have to clean you.

Temari: O-ok….

[After cleaning]

Shikamaru: Here, take these clothes. You can sleep on my bed.

Temari: T-thanks….

[They both lie down]

Shikamaru: Well…. Today was one hell of a day…. I’m not sure how to act in front of the others now, everything’s so much more confusing…. Ahh… my head hurts…

Temari: Well this is quite rare of you, you don’t know what to do? Why not just make it public? Everyone’s in a relationship.

Shikamaru: What a drag…. I guess you’re right….

Temari: *Goes over to him and hugs him*

Shikamaru: (Hm?)

Temari: I’m gonna sleep now.

Shikamaru: *Smiles* (What a troublesome girl…)

Shikamaru: *Puts arm on her and falls asleep*


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