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the Haunted House in Eagle Point for Writers Cramp
the Haunted House in Eagle Point

Sam Adams was a paranormal researcher for the Cosmos Institute in Berkeley, California. He had grown up in Eagle Point, Oregon, a small community just north of the town of Medford, twenty miles from the California border.

When he was growing up there stood an old mansion on the north end of town. The mansion was rumored to contain secret doorways to other worlds. The owner of the mansion was Eugene Small, a retired English professor who had taught at Southern Oregon University and worked as an advisor to the Oregon Shakespeare festival before Alzheimer’s caused him to retire at age 60. He became a hermit held up in the house where he was rumored to conduct secret Satanic rituals involving animal sacrifices. .He had a small stable containing horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats.

When Sam first worked at the Cosmos Institute, he became interested in the rumored satanic rituals being conducted at the old Small mansion which was down the street from where he had grown up. He called up his father one day and talked to him about the rumors surrounding the old mansion. His father told him that Eugene had not been seen in over a month and there were strange ghostly figures walking about the property and urged Sam to come up and take a look as part of his job.

Sam told his boss about the strange occurrences and she authorized him to return home to investigate it. When he returned home, he found that the mansion, the stable and Mr. Small had all mysteriously vanished in the night leaving behind an empty crater.

Sam reported the case as inconclusive and went back to the Institute.

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