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"Be Careful What You WIsh For" Written For Writers Cramp
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40 L

Sam Adams saw was walking
Along a deserted beach
Near Brandon Beach
Along the Oregon Coast.

He saw an old lamp
Floating in the water
When he retrieved it,
an old blue genie
Came out and said,

“Master, you’ve rescued me
From a long curse, I am obligated
to grant you three wishes,
But, be careful what you wish for “

Sam thought for a while
Finally he said

My first wish is to win
500 million dollars
My second wish is be
Very healthy and live
A long time

My final wish
Is for my wife
To love me
Until she dies.

The genie bowed
Said very well
And waved a magic wand

Sam found himself
Holding a lotto ticket
He check it, and realized
He had won the power ball

Sam went home
To his new golden mansion
And saw his wife
Had aged 40 years.

She smiled at him
Saying with her dying breath
I love you, Sam Adams.

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