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Getting to know you.
“Did you just...trade your bike for me?”

“Yup. I always wanted a puppy but mama said a pet costed too much. Seth said he wanted a big boy bike so we switched. We both win. And mama can’t say nothin’ cause I got ya for free!”

“Oh, oh! I will love you ever-so-much!”

“Stop wigglin’, silly! I gots’ta get this collar and leash on ya.”

“Collar? Lemme just...it itches…I don’t think I like it much, Master!”

“Ya gots’ta wear it. Look, it has a tag with your name on it, just in case you get lost.”

“I will never get lost. I will be by your side forever and ever and ever and...does that say Spot?”

“Yup. It’s your new name. Because ya gots a spot around your eye.”

“Spot? Spot? That is the most wonderful name! You are ever-so-smart, Master!”

“So are you, Spot. Ya know, ya speak human pretty well. Who taught ya?”

“Well, that other boy that smelled of dirt and cookies –“


“He took me to a class with my litter mates. It was ever-so-much fun! Wrestling and lots of pats and chasing balls...do you have a ball, Master? I would ever-so-much love to play fetch!”

“When we get home, Spot. I promise. So what happened next?”

“Next, Master?”

“When you went to the class. What’d ya do after playing with the balls?”

“Oh, oh! There was a lady who smelled like squirrels and I wanted to chew on her ankle but she said no and I was ever-so-sad, Master. And I whined like this, ‘Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!’

“Chewing ankles is bad, Spot. I’ll get ya a stick to chew instead, okay?”

“A stick! That sounds ever-so-tasty, Master!”

“You’re funny, Spot. So, the lady that smelled like--”

Squirrels! Yes, Master! She told me to ‘speak’ and, welI, I did!”

“What’d ya say?”

“I said, ‘I would ever-so-much like a treat!' But…”

“But what?”

“She didn’t understand me, so I howled like this, ‘Awooooooo!’ And then everyone covered their ears and the squirrel lady yelled at me and I peed on the floor because I was ever-so-scared.”

“Don’t’cha worry, Spot. I won’t never yell at ya. So, if they didn’t understand ya, how come I can?”

“Oh! Oh! That’s easy. You are my boy and you are ever-so-special.”

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