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What Does That Mean? for Flash Fiction Contest

Sam Adams was an underground secret CIA operative, based in Bangkok, Thailand. He knew all the players in the clandestine underground world that is Bangkok at its best and its worst. He liked to hang out at the Cosmos Bar in the infamous Soi Cowboy where he would hang out with the sexy madam of the establishment, Khun Lek.

She knew of his background and knew that he was a spook working for the CIA but she did not care as she too was working undercover for the Thai Central Intelligence agency. Her mission was to keep track of all the western spies that frequented her establishment.

Sam knew that and fed her misinformation all the time. She would often stop him and ask him point-blank

“What does that mean?”

Sam would just smile at her leaving her guessing. She reported all the tidbits of information to her superiors. One day they told her to seduce Sam giving him knock-out drinks and then interrogate him to find out what he was really up to.

When he came to the bar, she administered the drugs to his whiskey and coke and he was soon out. She took to the back room, interrogated him, and then sealed the deal-making love to him while she filmed the encounter for future use.

When he woke up, she provided him breakfast and told him what it all meant. He laughed, knowing that she had played him just right and they conspired together and became secret partners in love and war. Just another day in the Cosmos Bar thought Sam nursing a monster hangover.
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