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BITTER MEMORIES narrates experience of an orphan. The poem is built on bitter tone.
Free verse
Bitter Memories
For the first time I open
this mysterious book.
Ugly appears the cover page
but the inside holds
a story of my life.
You can share in the pain
or the joy of the protagonist
if only you allow me to read it
before times robs me of my memories.

The first chapter captures love;
love sweet and sour.
The sweet love glued us together.
We were a happy family.
But days danced dull and-
night darker and-
My father had fallen in love with death.
I saw him; I saw him and her vanish-
leaving us helpless
Let me read the next chapter
before tears was away my memories

The second chapter tells a bitter story
of the demise of my beloved mother.
So dear we loved her...
But death,
cruel death,
throttled her as we helplessly watched
and the doctor's report read:
"She died of chronic hiccups"
Let me read the next chapter
Before anger manhandles my memories

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