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Part 2 of Shikamaru X Futa Temari
Story: Everyone now knows about the relationship.

Both: *Sitting under a tree*

Temari: *Blushing and breathing heavily*

Shikamaru: What’s wrong?

Temari: *Bulge in her pants*

Temari: *Grabbing chest while struggling to breathe*

Temari: I-I can’t-aaah~~~…. I can’t stop thinking about yesterday…. And I got hard… I-it was~haaaahh~~~~ just too unexpected~~….

Shikamaru: (What a drag…)

Shikamaru: *Spreads Temari’s legs*

Temari: W-what are y-you doing??!!

Shikamaru: Why are you wearing such tight pants? No wonder your erection is so visible…

Temari: S-shut up… I-

Shikamaru: It’s so tight I can literally just-

Shikamaru: *Sticks fingers into anus even though she’s still wearing pants*

Temari: H-hey w-wait-ooooooooh~~~!!!!!!

Temari: A-at l-least take th-them off~~~!!!!!!

Shikamaru: Just shut up…

Temari: *Stops talking* (Grrrr….)

Shikamaru: *Reaches prostate and starts massaging*

Temari: OOOOOOOOOOOOH~~~~!!!!!!

*Squish, Slosh*


Temari: *Penis starts to leak*

Temari: *Smiling in pleasure* NNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHH~~~~!!!!!!!!

Shikamaru: Well look who’s enjoying this…


Temari: *Penis twitching* OOOOH~~~~~!!!! IM GONNA CUM~~~!!!!!


Temari: *Ejaculates in pants*



Temari: (It’s smudged all over my pants)

Temari: AAAAAH~~~~!!! OOOOOH~~~~!!! Mmmmmh~~~~…..

Temari: T-that felt-AAAH~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: *Pulls out fingers*

Shikamaru: A-amazing~~~…..

Shikamaru: *Carries her*

Temari: Hey~~~~!!! Where are you taking me~~~????

Shikamaru: Back to my house.

Shikamaru: Mmmmmh~~~!!!!! I just want to make a baby with my little Shika already~~~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: (W-what?!!!!)

Temari: Aaaahnnn~~~~!!!! Just thinking about it…. Is making me hard~~~~!!!!!

Shikamaru: (What the hell??!!! Is she drunk??!!)

Shikamaru: P-please don’t get hard!

Temari: Hmmm…. Well if it’s for Shika…. Fine!

Shikamaru: (Usually when someone’s drunk, their unusually honest…. Is this what she really thinks of me????)

Temari: Hey~~~!!!! Let’s have sex when we get back~~~!!!!!

Shikamaru: W-will be be quiet?!!! Everyone can hear you!!!

Everyone: ???!!!!!!

Naruto: Y-yo Shikamaru…. Is she okay??!!

Sakura: Yeah, what is going on with her???!!!

Shikamaru: A lot of stuff-

Temari: *Kisses his cheek* Don’t ignore me~~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: Im pretty sure she’s drunk…

Temari: I’m not drunk~~~~!!!

Kankuro: You!!!!! What did you do to her??!!!!!

Shikamaru: I didn’t do anything!!! This is the first time she’s been like this!!!!

Temari: Hey Kankuro…. If you say one more thing about my Shika…. I’LL DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!!

Kankuro: *Scared out of his pants* Y-yes ma’am…..

[When they reach Shikamaru’s house]

Shikamaru: Hey mom and dad, there’s a bit of trouble…

Shikamaru’s dad: Solve it yourself, don’t bring us in….. *Sees Temari*

Temari: *Pressing boobs on his back while trying to seduce him*

Temari: Cmoooon~~~~~!!!!

Shikamaru’s mom: Isn’t that the sand girl you always talk about?

Temari: My little Shika thinks of me all the time~~~??? Oh, I didn’t know you loved me so much~~~!!!! You’re making me hard again~~~~!!!!

Shikamaru’s dad: *Whispering* I think it’s best if we leave, this is something a man must do.

Shikamaru’s mom: Alright.

Shikamaru’s parents: We’re heading out. Bye.

Shikamaru: Wait!

Temari: We’re all alone~~~…..

Temari: *Trips Shikamaru and goes on top of him*

Temari: *Heart-shaped pupils* Lets make a baby~~~…..

Shikamaru: W-wait it’s too early for that!

Temari: *Takes clothes off*

Shikamaru: (Ok, calm down. I’ll just not cum, and everything will be okay…. But for now, I need to go with the flow.)

Shikamaru: Well if that’s what you want!

Shikamaru: *Takes clothes off and pins Temari onto the floor*

Temari: O-oh my~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: (I’ve gotta make her calm down.)

Temari: You’re so hot that I’m rock hard right now~~~. Look~!

Shikamaru: (Welp, I can’t refuse) *Looks*

Temari: Y-you’re looking at my penis~~~…..

Temari: *Penis harder than a rock*

Shikamaru: (Alright. Time to get this over with.)

Shikamaru: *Puts hand on her penis and starts to rubbing it softly*

Temari: Mmmmmh~~~~….. *Deliberately twitches her penis*

Shikamaru: (She’s twitching it…)

Temari: Hurry up and put it in~~~~!!!!!!

Shikamaru: (Welp) *Puts it in in one go*

Temari: (!!!!!!!!!) OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOHHHH~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!

Temari: A-ALL IN ONE GO~~~!!! SO-

Shikamaru: *Rapidly moving hips*

Temari: MMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHH~~~~!!!!!!!!

Temari: *Penis twitching and leaking uncontrollably*


Temari: *Boobs swaying*

Shikamaru: (Take this!) *Fondles boobs*

Temari: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNN~~~~~~~???!!!!! M-MY BOOOOOBS~~~~~~!!!!!!!

Temari: *Hard penis swaying side to side*


Shikamaru: (Crap, I’m reaching my limit. If she doesn’t cum fast, I’m gonna get her pregnant, I don’t want that!)

Shikamaru: *Moves even faster* (Hurry up and cum please!!!)

Temari: *Head back, drooling* OOOOOH~~~~!!!! OOOOOOOH~~~~!!! OOOOHHHHOOOOHHH~~~~~~~!!!!!!!




Shikamaru: (She’s cumming so much?! Too much in fact!!)

Temari: *Still cumming* SHHIIIIIKKKKAAAAAAA~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

Temari: *Last drops of cum come out* AAAAAAAHH~~~~~!!!! OOOOOOOOOH~~~~!!! NGGGGGGHHH~~~~!!! MMMMMMMHHHH~~~~~~!!!!! Ooooooh~~~~~!!!!

Temari: *Erection goes down and passes out*

Shikamaru: *Worn out* (My god, that was tiring…. I’ve gotta clean her now…)

[Shikamaru then cleans Temari and puts her in bed*

Shikamaru: I’m going to sleep right away…


Temari: Mmmmmmh…… why am I so tired….

Temari: *Tries to move*

Temari: AAAAHHHAAH~~~~~!!!!

Temari: (W-why am I so sensitive??!!!!)

Temari: *Tries to stand*

Temari: OOOOOH~~~~!!!!! *Covers her mouth*

Shikamaru: Uuuuuggghhh…… what now?

Temari: I-I can’t move?!!!

Shikamaru: Yeah, obviously…

Temari: What are you talking about?!

Shikamaru: You’re telling me you don’t remember?

Temari: No????……

Shikamaru: Remember you were hard yesterday while we were under the tree?

Temari: Y-yeah… then you made me cum…..

Shikamaru: Yeah and after that you got drunk for some reason, and you even called me Shika. Then I carried you home while you tried to seduce me. Once I brought you home, you forced me to have sex.

Temari: *Blushing* S-s-s-s-s-s-ssorrrrryy!!!!!!!

Temari: I think it’s because I ate a weird candy yesterday, I didn’t check what was in it…

Shikamaru: My body’s all sore… you came so much and even wanted to have a baby with me…..

Temari: *Blushing really hard* D-d-did I r-r-really?!!!!

Shikamaru: Yes….

Temari: W-well….. I d-do want one….

Shikamaru: Look, I’m sorry but we cant.

Temari: *Sad*

Shikamaru: (Ok I feel bad now… You know what-)

Shikamaru: *Hugs her* Just…. Not now. I promise to give you a baby in a few years. It’s just too early right now.

Temari: Ok….

Shikamaru: Plus you should really know stuff like that. I’m literally 17. I’m not even 18 yet. You should know better.

Temari: *Punches his head* SHUT IT!!

Shikamaru: OOOOW!!!!!!

Temari: *Laughing*

Temari: *Goes over to him and hugs him* I love you~….

Shikamaru: What a drag… I love you too I guess…..

Temari: *Smiles and Kisses him*

Temari: Let’s have sex later~~~…

Shikamaru: ……. Fine……


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