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End of the World Along the Oregon Coast for Daily Flash
Sam Adams woke up one day and realized that the world had ended. For some reason, he was immune from the latest pandemic that had swept over the world killing most people within hours.

Sam had fled along with some others to the isolated Oregon coast. He walked along the lonely coast picking up shells and thinking about life. He came upon an eagle feather on the beach and looked up and saw the eagle looking at him. He imagined that the eagle was blaming humanity for destroying the world.

He screamed at the eagle

“don’t blame me for the misdeeds of the human race. I am the last human alive so leave me alone.”

Th eagle screeched and flew off looking for breakfast.

Soon he came upon a gruesome sight. He saw a fellow survivor who had somehow survived the zombie flu-fighting for his life against a pack of feral dogs. Sam chased the dogs off throwing rocks at them.

The man thanked him and joined him for breakfast in a new abandoned cabin. They thought about the end of humanity, and the revenge of the natural world. The wildlife was resurgent everywhere. The few humans left huddled together trying to survive the collapse of the old world order.

They went back out to the world walking the beach. They saw a pride of lions chasing down a deer. They shot at the lions who snarling ran off into the woods. They came to another abandoned cabin and prepared to spend the night.

They heard a commotion and saw another survivor walking down the beach towards them. They joined her and had dinner together.

That was the moment that Sam Adams realized that although the world might have ended he was still somehow alive.

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