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Sam Adams Interstellar Bounty Hunter for Daily Flash Fiction contest

Sam Adams was an interstellar bounty hunter tracking criminals across the galaxy. He was on the hunt for Corbin the Sirian who was rumored to be hiding out on the planet Terra, which was an obscure undiscovered primitive planet. But Terra was known for producing some of the best mind-altering drugs in the galaxy, including coffee, which turned people into instant addicts who would kill for their daily fix of difficult to obtain coffee as coffee was only grown on the Terra planet.

His boss, Maria Lee, gave him the commission, and description. Sam, she said,

“This is a big catch. He is wanted on multiple worlds for fraud, murder, assassination and drug dealing. The planet Terra is off limits for commerce for a reason. The Galactic intelligence agency has determined that the people there are too violent and insane to be allowed to develop interstellar travel.

When you get there, go to Berkeley, California and go to Peets coffee. We think that he is going there to negotiate a coffee purchase agreement and announce that the Earth is not alone in the galaxy. We want him alive but ….

"Oh, and bring me back some of their coffee. “

He arrived in Berkeley and went to the coffee shop. He showed the barista the pictures of Corbin and his associates. The barista said

“Yeah, they were here earlier. I got a bad vibe from them. They went that way”

He said, pointing to an office building across the street.

Sam sat there drinking his coffee and realized why coffee was so good. He got up and saw that Corbin was on TV announcing the earth was not alone.

Sam thought

“Damn too late. I lost that collar. Oh well, might as well have another cup of coffee.”
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