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Allowing yourself to lose control
Today, we surrender to the moment. There are things that you are in control of in this life, and likewise, there are things in this life that you will not be able to control.

The beautiful thing about Life, is that you get to make a choice everyday. I had a friend of mine one day say that "Life is one of the most fun games you could play because it's all about decisions. One decision you could be on top of the world, and the next you could be crashing out".

Its the decisions that you choose to make on a daily basis that decide what and who you will become in this journey that we call life. From the words of philosopher Cornell West, "Philosophy is about choosing to die every day. Your old perceptions and perspectives, thoughts and ideas, opinions and beliefs...". You have to be open to the idea that your perception could be wrong or that someone or a group of people experience Life differently than what you know to be true.

Back to the idea of surrendering to the moment. Imagine you are driving a car; you are in the drivers seat. You know exactly where that car is going to go, how fast it will go, how long it will take you to get to where you're going, etc. Now, still, while you are in complete control of that car, you still have different road conditions that you have to surrender to. Pothole here...adjust...sharp turn there...adjust...car in front of you swerving...adjust... While on this road, you are making constant corrections to your vehicle so that you get to your destination. That is your surrender.

Now take it you are on a flight. A situation where you have absolutely no control, unless you are a pilot yourself, waiting on an emergency situation to take place so you can jump into action. As a passenger though, you have no choice but to surrender to the whim of the pilot in hopes and confidence that he/she will get you to your destination safely. You surrender to that moment.

Life becomes a lot easier when you surrender to the things that are not in control of, whatever moment you find yourself in, give it your 100% surrender.
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