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A young lawyer faces a fashion dilemma.
As a young defense attorney, Julie Adams had become an expert at stuffing 28 hours of life into a 24 hour day. Where is it? Yanking her gym shorts from the duffel bag, she added them to the pile of clothes already on the locker room bench. Her stuffing process involved strict time management, and “Lean” efficiency techniques. But today her process was failing her.

She stirred the bag contents and grabbed out her makeup kit. Setting it on the opposite side of the duffel bag, she stirred again. Getting ready for work at her gym was one way she could stuff into her day an exercise routine. Looking up at the wall clock she launched into desperate action. Quickly spreading her wet shower towel onto the floor, she up ended her duffel bag onto it. Sorting through the scattered items she thought, where is it?

She had no idea where she lost her left shoe. Entering a courtroom without makeup or a necklace might go unnoticed, but bobbing up and down as she walked in? Yeah, that will draw attention. There was nothing more she could do now. The shoe was definitely not here. Looking up at the clock again, she confirmed there was no time to drive home for another pair of court room appropriate heels. Julie had only two choices. With luck maybe no one will notice.

Later in the courtroom, she finished with the witness on the stand, and said to the judge, “No more questions, your Honor.” Walking back to the defense table in a hushed room, the slap of her flip flops drew everyone’s eyes. She looked up from her seat to see the judge frowning at her. Perhaps, she thought, my tennis shoes would have been the better way to go.

Word Count: 298
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