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My haunted forest ramblings for The Whatever Contest.
I walked into my bathroom and straight into a haunted forest. The sun was a dull blue as it burned my eyes. I turned back not wanting to find my bathroom as I no longer needed to went. Went is a polite way to tell people that their dog has worms. Anyway, in this floor-est I find a worm hole into something unknown. First, let me state that if it’s unknown Wendy’s doesn’t have it. Any who, I stuck my hand into the worm’s hole and found a pack of gummies bears who were embarrassed. Serves them right for being naked before the party started. Did I mention I didn’t know worms have? Where was I looking for? Oh,yeah, turn right. Into a ghost. After all, it is a, you know, the thing. The ghost was trans something. I don’t forget. But now I needed to went over here, over there, what’s the purpose of underwear. Underwear. What a weird way to wrap tacos. This is a strange place.

This particular haunted florist had a smell like who wants cotton candy. My trans ghost friend told me to unpick the purple cotton. Who wants to eat cotton with a Michelle’s softshell soda bottles at the “Boo Brewery” next to 42nd St. and my went place. Speaking of went, I didn’t go anywhere today. I am so unconfused before I ventured into “o see can you say.” I saw a light in the distance before the girl at Wendy’s asked me if I wanted two French hens. Why would I want them hens? I can’t speak French fleas.

Out of the florist came a loud roar. I could faintly hear it. The distant sound of “yaba, daba, do.” A gummie bear was pulling out its chest hairs and weaving them into purple cotton candy. Glad I didn’t see that one gone. Anyway, “that’s all folks,” from the haunted forest.

Prompt: Write 250-750 words of a nonsense story about a day you spent at a haunted forest.

Written for "The Whatever Contest

Word/Line Count: 313

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