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A rather gloomy poem about a rather gloomy world.
There will come a time when a darkness prevails that is so complete it swallows us all.
When the sun dims we will finally surrender to oblivion.
Then the angel and devil bow down and pray for the fool who falls in love.
Because with love comes hate,
And we watch pain and war spring from it.
So one day, when we reminisce so fondly on the days we used to dance over tree tops and mountain peaks,
We’ll ask ourselves, ‘was it worth it?’
The elements will merge and black and white will become one,
But still people will fight.
Over who and what and why,
Yet they’ll never find the answer,
To why human expression can cause such hatred and malevolence.
A beautiful thing, now fatal.
So when the final tick has struck,
We were all someone who loved or hurt another.
We were all minuscule gears in the mechanism we call survival.
At the end of it all, we are not magnificent.
At the end of it all, we are not significant.
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