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the quest for King Solomon's Fails in the End for Daily Flash

Sam Adams was obsessed with pirates and legends of lost hidden treasures ever since he read Treasure Island as a young lad. When he grew up he went to work for the Cosmos Institute straight out of College in Berkeley, California. The Cosmos Institute was a secret government agency that investigated paranormal claims.

One day he discovered in an obscure journal a map to King Solomon’s mines in east Africa. He went to his boss, the elusive, aloof, mysterious Maria Lee, and outlined his plans to find the hidden buried treasures in King Solomon’s mines. He told her that they had to go to the Pyramids and go to the roof of the pyramids on the right night and look at the desert landscape for the right clues.

He assembled his crew and they went off to Egypt and eventually to Southern Sudan near some newly discovered hidden pyramids. He had read in his journals that to find the entrance to the mines, one must enter the right mind through eating magic mushrooms.

Sam gave his two companions a button or two of magic mushrooms and they entered into a mystic state and looked out at the desert and saw their destination under the setting moon.

The next day, hungover they struggled to locate the path, eventually, they found a trail through the desert that lead into the mountains high about the desert floor. They hiked for days and were about to give up but decided to try the magic mushrooms again.

They soon saw the mines in their drug-induced visions and hiked all night and entered the minds discovering a true buried treasure. Sundanese pirates soon found them and slaughtered them in their sleep and the legend of King Solomon mines died with them.
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