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Space Aliens Drink For Free for Daily Flash
Space Aliens Drink For Free

Space Aliens Drink For Free

Sam Adams one day woke up on his 50th birthday and realized that he was not having fun anymore, that “I don’t want to be here.” He went to work at the US consulate, did his usual hundreds of visa interviews, saying yes to some to who he should have said no to, and saying no to some he should have said yes to. It was so bureaucratic, and he just could not stand it anymore.

He talked with his boss, and then with his estranged wife, and announced to his staff he was retiring and moving back home to Berkeley where he would open the first interplanetary bar and grill to be called the Cosmos Bar.

He had big signs everywhere “Space Aliens” drink for free and posters of aliens, pictures of Roswell and UFO and hosted UFO club meetings. His bar soon became the in place to go to in Berkeley.

One day about one year later on his 51st birthday, three men dressed in black suits
came in the bar.

They closed down the bar and told Sam.

“We are here for the free drinks.’ They said taking off their human masks revealing themselves as aliens.

Sam said,

“That changes everything. What will you have to drink? Its on the house.”

The aliens laughed, and they spent the night regaling Sam with tales from their homeland. In the morning, they said to Sam


“Now you know too much so we will have to kill you. Nothing personal. Just the way it is” and they shot him. They walked out the door after setting fire to the joint.

The head alien said to his friends,

prompt word - use the phrase "I Don't Want to Be Here".
Well that went well, Let’s go get some of that famous earth coffee.”
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