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The scene where Smitty and Daryl do a brief interview with Bobbi Carnell.
          Smitty and Daryl walked past the large blue and white sign in the front yard that had Carnell Realty in large block letters painted across it. It was a two-story house like the others on the street. This was one of the nicer areas in Havenville. Even though it was just a small village, it was divided into several sections. There was Willow Drive on the other side of the river, which a small cluster of houses belonged to what the village referred to as the "rich people." Then there was the mobile home park in the southeastern part of the village. It used to be a nice place, but the current owner of the park didn't care and had let it fall into disrepair. Then there was the main village, which comprised Main Street, where all the businesses were. The northern part of the village was the middle class. Nice homes, blue-collar workers, families that had been in the area since the village was founded in 1805.
          Smitty opened the front door and walked in. There was a short, round lady sitting at a desk against the opposite wall of the door that he recognized as Bobbi Carnell. She was always adorned with a lot of jewelry. When she walked, she tinkled from the clanking of the dozen necklaces that hung around her neck and cradled in her large bosom. She had at least five bracelets on each wrist that clinked when she talked with her hands. The one thing that always hit Smitty, though, was the strong perfume that wafted in the surrounding air. You knew when she was nearby because even if you didn't see her; you smelled her. It always gave Smitty a migraine headache almost immediately; one he had trouble getting rid of for hours after being in the same vicinity as Bobbi.
         "Have you heard what is going on at the house on Arbor Court this morning?"
         Bobbi nodded, "Yep, I had one neighbor call me this morning. He wanted to know what was going on."
         "Let me guess, it was Larry Clemens who called?"
         Bobbi chuckled. "Yep, how did you guess?"
         "Well, let's just say he is the first person to pop into my head when you say someone called wanting to know what was going on."
         "Have a seat, guys. I expect you have questions or you wouldn't be here."
         Smitty sat in one of the two chairs positioned in front of her desk. "We have a few, yes. What can you tell us about the owner of the house?"
         "Well, he flips houses. He buys them, fixes them up, and then resells them for a profit. It's good for me since I'm the only realtor in town and he has me resell them when he's done fixing them up."
         "Have you had a lot of people looking at the house on Arbor Court?"
         "I've had a few people look at it."
         "We'll need their names and dates they viewed the house so we can eliminate their fingerprints from the scene."
         "So it wasn't a natural death?"
         "Did you know he was staying there?"
         "No, he hadn't mentioned it. The house was listed as unoccupied."
         "Do you know how long he had been staying there?"
         "No, I know I was in the house two or three weeks ago and no one was staying there."
         "When was the last time you sent someone to the house to look at it besides the Woodards?"
         "I don't know, maybe a couple of weeks ago." Bobbi flipped back a few pages in her appointment book. "They didn't say anything about anyone staying there. The last person to look at the house was December first. Lonnie McRea, lives in Clarkston. "
         "The owner was Sawyer Campbell, right?"
         "What can you tell us about him?"
         "Well, he's married to Brenda Campbell. They have two children, Eli and Olivia. As I said, he flips houses. He has a contract construction company."
         "How long have you known him?"
         "Most of my life, we grew up down the street from each other. He has a twin brother, Todd."
         "Does Todd live in town?"
         "Yeah, he lives over on Donovan Street. I think he lives next door to the Donovan apartments."
         "Does he have any other brothers or sisters?"
         "No, just his twin."
         "Where are his parents?"
         "His father passed away when he was in high school. I think it was a heart attack. Last time I heard, his mother was at the convalescence home over on Spring Street."
         "Do you know of anybody who would want to see him dead?"
         "Not off the top of my head, no."
         "What type of relationship did he have with his brother?"
         "As far as I know, it was friendly. He and Todd were always tight."
         "Do you know what kind of relationship he had with his wife?"
         "Not really. I know she works as a waitress at Judd's Tavern."

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